[PAID] [ESX] - Character Creator

[Character Creator] :camera_flash:

Hello guys, we are excited to introduce our Character Creator with nice cam and end shot.

Key Features :

  • Spline cam
  • Modern design
  • Choose dad or mom
  • Complete facial customization
  • End photo

:framed_picture: Preview :

Pricing Options :

Open-source scripts come with built-in protections to prevent unwanted leaks while maintaining the readability and usability of the code.

Want to test before buying ? : http://var-fivem.com

Documentation : https://doc.var-fivem.com

Thank you for supporting us, don’t hesitate to give your opinion


Creator System

+ (Add) : CSS file to change theme
+ (Add) : JSON files to change languages
+ (Add) : Skinchanger for potential skin error
+ (Add) : Calendar components
+ (Add) : Open source

+ (Update) : Font 

+ (Fix) : Positioning of the ped when launching the creation
+ (Fix) : Key Interference
+ (Fix) : Ped invisible when creating
+ (Fix) : Event error
+ (Fix) : Instance *
+ (Fix) : -1 for Helmet

Status : Push

Tuesday, April 16

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Code is accessible Yes or no
Subscription-based Yes or no
Lines (approximately) +1000
Requirements ESX and oxmysql
Support Yes


I think I’ll pay for an open source license, but I would’ve like to make you have an important bug with the female face, will it be fixed ? I have some similar issues with my character creator script but I can’t figure this out…

Hi, what do you mean ?

I mean, in the preview video, when you select the female gender, you get a female body with a man face.

Don’t purchase open source, he is sending encrypted version even if you purchase open source. He will lock important code behind escrow no matter what version. Save money and buy it from somewhere else

script is very nice ! professional and quality service !

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It’s unfortunate that you’ve had that experience. While the script is open source, some critical code is encrypted for security reasons. However, this shouldn’t hinder your ability to customize it. Feel free to reach out if you need assistance navigating the customization process. :upside_down_face: