[PAID] [ESX/QBCORE] - Barber Shop

[Barber Shop] :scissors:

Hello everyone we hope you are well, today we present to you our Barber Shop in the style of GTA V OnLine

Key Features :

  • Change hair, beard, eyebrown, eye colors, lipstick, makeup
  • Theme and language configuration
  • Modern design
  • Simple configuration for new barber shop
  • Pay via bank or cash

Preview :framed_picture:

Pricing Options :

Open-source scripts come with built-in protections to prevent unwanted leaks while maintaining the readability and usability of the code.

Want to test before buying ? :globe_with_meridians:

Documentation : Installation | Var-Documentation

Thank you for supporting us, don’t hesitate to give your opinion


Barber Shop

+ (Add) : Description at menu
+ (Add) : Change menu like you want for open source
+ (Add) : QBCore supported *
+ (Add) : fivem-appearance/illenium-appearance supported

+ (Fix) : Potential bug when validating the haircut the ped falls into the void

Status : Push

Saturday, June 15, 2024 (GMT+2)

* = New

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes or no
Lines (approximately) +600
Requirements ESX
Support Yes