[MLO] Pond Cafe - Mirror Park

Happy new year to everyone. Today We present to you our new Pond Cafe project.

Those interiors include :

  • Entrance
  • Kitchen
  • Exterior Lounge

Interiors Properties

  • Custom Shell
  • Custom Furnitures
  • Edited LOD Models
  • Edited LOD-SLOD Textures
  • Custom textures
  • Custom and stable lighting
  • Custom foods

For purchase :



Credits :
Interior design ideas : @BooDesign

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Every corner is a carefully crafted design. I congratulate you. Every new project excites me as much as your first project. As an interior designer, I can say that they look amazing. It is an honor to work for Hane studio. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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very good design and placement in that small area !

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Amazing job!!! but I need first buy vespucci villa :rofl::rofl::heart:

Looks nice!

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As always, your creations looks so cool ! :heart:

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It’s a masterpiece! We want more project!

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It looks really nice. It’s obviously a quality work.

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Nice design I love seeing MLOs in Mirror Park

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20% OFF Coupon code HANE2022 is not working for this.

The new year sales ended 1 month ago, you can’t use the coupon now. And in order to prevent such misunderstandings, we changed the topic title and removed the “New year” sale article.

ok ya I see you removed the 20% coupon that it said in the title now

Are the LOD’s and SLOD updated for latest gamebuild do you know? Or will it conflict with some other interiors in Mirror Park perhaps? Just checking before I purchase so I know what I will have to edit/integrate to make it work.

Hello @LegacysMaps
All lods and SLODs are set correctly, but this will of course cause problems if there are other files with the same name in the region.