[MLO] Mirror Park 35 House Bundle | 25% Christmas Sale

Greetings from Hane Studios Team!

Discover the ultimate bundle of luxury living in Mirror Park! With a collection of 35 meticulously designed homes, including 7, 18, and 10-home packages, we offer a variety of choices to suit your virtual lifestyle. Enjoy classic elegance, modern amenities, and a taste of the American dream in Los Santos. Your virtual paradise awaits!

House Interiors Previews :

HOUSE 1 - 18 Location

HOUSE 9 - 10 Location

HOUSE 13 - 7 Location

Discover opulent Mirror Park living with our 35 homes bundle, offering diverse options for your virtual lifestyle. Embrace classic elegance, modern amenities, and the American dream.

Follow this link to purchase."

Mirror Park 35 House Pack with Expansion | :


35 House Pack Preview

| Hane Houses Optimization

With the distance script we have set, interior spaces completely disappear from the distance and the windows of the buildings are closed. There is no rendering of buildings from an average distance of 10 meters from the buildings, so the package almost does not affect performance.


It is located in 35 different locations in Mirror Park.

Walkthrough Video : Soon

Those interiors include :

  • Lounge
  • Dining Area
  • Kitchen
  • Office
  • Stair Area
  • Toilet
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Man’s Cave - Bar Room
  • Exterior Lounge

Interiors Properties

  • 35 Location (Same time)
  • 3 Architectural Structure
  • Custom Shell
  • High Quality Custom Models (90% Made from scratch)
  • High Quality Custom Textures
  • Custom and Stable Lighting
  • Custom Extensions (Lightshafts)
  • Custom Timecycle
  • Edited LOD-SLOD Textures

Christmas Sale

As Hane Studios, we offer you this product with discounts, in honor of this Christmas, you can take advantage of 15% discount in our store.

| 18 House Pack 2 Main Screenshots

| 10 House Pack 3 Main Screenshots

| 7 House Pack 1 Main Screenshots

| Hane Studios

Hane Studios is a producer and publisher company that produces assets for next generation games from scratch and publishes and mod them different games such as GTA V.


| Credits

Producer : Hane Studios
Developer : Furkan, ook3d, Haneas
Project Leads : Boo, Haneas

| Keymaster&Map Versions&File Size

According to your quality and file size request, 3 different resources will be sent to your Keymaster account. You can use which you want.

Hane Studios Resources

Mirror Park 18 Houses- Pack 2 | 18 Vintage house maps
[MLO] Mirror Park 18 House Pack 2 | 25% Christmas Sale
Mirror Park 7 Houses- Pack 1 | 7 Vintage house maps
[MLO] Mirror Park 7 House Pack 1 | 15% November Sale
Mirror Park Expansion | End of Construction
Mirror Park Expansion | End of Construction | 15% Black Friday Sale
Shelby’s Office | A vintage Office Interior - Inspired from Peaky Blinders
[MLO] Shelby's Office | Peaky Blinders Inspired | 15% Autumn Sale
Cigar Bar | A vintage Cigar Business
[MLO] Cigar Bar & Store | Pipe Down | 15% Summer Sale | 3 Location
Golden Pub | A Pub with classic gold details
[MLO] Golden Pub & Restaurant
Hogs Pub | A cafe inspired by the Harry Potter Series
[MLO] Hogs Pub & Restaurant | Harry Potter Inspired | 15% Summer Sale
Del Perro 2 Villas Pack | 2 Modern Villas
[MLO] Del Perro 2 Beach Villas Pack
Pond Cafe | A sweet cafe located at the Mirror Park pond
[MLO] Pond Cafe - Mirror Park
Bohem Beach
[YMAP] Bohem Beach
Vespucci 6 Villas 1
[MLO] Vespucci 6 Villas Pack
Vespucci 6 Villas 2
[MLO]Vespucci 6/12 Villas Pack 2
Cafe Cool Beans
[MLO] Cafe Cool Beans
Limey’s Juice Bar
[MLO][PAID] Limey's Juice Bar
Trey Bakery&Cafe
[MLO][PAID] Trey Bakery&Cafe
For support, please DM to Hane Studios’ forum Profile.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Requirements Server version: 5181 or higher / Game build: 2189 or higher
Support Yes / with DM
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Great work they look amazing!

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Greetings @caticus

Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re thrilled you find our work amazing. It’s feedback like yours that inspires us to keep creating and striving for excellence.

Stay tuned for more exciting content!

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Your presentation style and the work you do seem to be of very high quality, congratulations. :boom:

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Greetings @PixieWorks

Thank you for the fantastic feedback and congratulations! We’re delighted to hear you appreciate the quality and style of our work. Your encouragement is a big motivator for us to maintain and exceed these standards.

Stay tuned for more high-quality content!

Looks great!

Not sure if you guys are aware but the config.lua is encrypted through escrow.

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Greetings @_BeyondRP

Thank you for the compliment on our work!

We are indeed aware of the current encryption of the config.lua through escrow. Currently, this setup is necessary to configure the mandatory IPLs. However, we are planning future enhancements to make the script more modular. With these updates, we anticipate being able to provide a version without escrow encryption. We appreciate your understanding and are grateful for your support as we evolve our offerings.

Stay tuned for these exciting developments!


Appreciate the speedy response! I wasn’t sure if the config.lua was supposed to be for the player’s customization or not. Merry Christmas!


would really like to know why it has a resmon running this high for a MLO with no one around it or using none of the houses why can you explain or better yet remove what ever it is thats causing it

Greetings @YLRP_DEV , thank you for your feedback.

We are immediately start searching to correct these values.

The resource will be updated in the coming days.

Best Regards,
Hane Support Team

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thats good to hear im glad your taking it into consideration cause i love the map bro.

Thank you @YLRP_DEV

We’re really pleased to hear that you love the map, and we deeply appreciate your understanding as we work on these improvements. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re committed to delivering the best experience possible. Thanks for your continued support.

Stay tuned for the updates!

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Changelog Maps

We made some updates based on our customers’ feedback and reviews. Thanks to our customers for their contribution.

[Log04.01 - Hane Mirror Park 35 Houses v1.0.1] 
- Resmon values optimized down to 0
- Some collision issues resolved
- Some LOD emissive issues resolved

You can update your resource by downloading it again from Keymaster.

Greetings from Hane Studios Team.

Announcement to our customers:
@YLRP_DEV @_BeyondRP

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What is the total MB of those houses

Greetings @JJT1 , thanks for your interest.

The size of this package, which includes a total of 35 houses and over 100 newly added custom assets to GTA, is 422 MB.

Best Regards,
Hane Support Team

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dont know how you got 0ms once again no one is around the area

Greetings @YLRP_DEV

Please make sure that you have completely deleted the previous version of the resource and cleared your server and client cache, then download the resource again from keymaster and install it on your server.

It is not possible to get this resmon value with a correct installation.

Thank you for your interest and feedback.

Hane Support Team

ok will do and clearing client side cache is a must or just recommended?

Is this QBCore Friendly?

Greetings @Attack_Deer

Thank you for your interest! Absolutely, our map is fully compatible with QBCore. Being primarily a map, it doesn’t interfere with server systems or frameworks, ensuring a seamless integration with your QBCore setup. We’ve taken great care to ensure compatibility and ease of use, so you can enjoy the best possible experience without any hassle. Thanks again for reaching out, and we hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve created!

Hane Support Team