[CLOTH] Boo Subscription / 210+ Custom Cloth / April Update

Hello There,

  • We are happy to present you our subscription package that covers all our clothes. As the Boo Design Studio team, we have been designing clothes for the community for more than 1 year.
  • Our goal is to allow all players to have a much more enjoyable time while playing GTAV, freely expressing their own style. While making these designs, we would like to state that we have made the most optimized outfit designs for you, our players and server owners. Our designs are created with high-level realistic texturing with poly values as low as vanilla clothes.

SUBSCRIBE NOW! :shopping:

  • Our subscription system consists of the best outfits from all of our outfit packs and includes 210+ outfits. All content is ready to stream directly and never incompatible with your existing outfit packs. We are sure that this subscription package, which will add 15-20 new outfits every month, will undoubtedly make every player happy. Clothes are fivem ready.
  • We hope you like these designs. Thank you for the support and interest you have shown us so far.

Boo Design Design Team




Whats inside? | Other Clothes
How to upload?


Subscription Advantages
  • To be able to use all the clothes published by Boo Design.
  • To be able to access our products at a more affordable price instead of purchasing packages.
  • Take advantage of monthly outfit updates.
Cloth Properties
  • Custom low poly cloth models designed from Marvelous Designer
  • Custom baked textures designed from Substance Painter
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) Na
Requirements Server version: 5181 or higher / Game build: 2189 or higher
Support Yes

This looks good, keep up the good work :clap:

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Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

is each pack its own ymt - or can they be merged?

Hello, yes there are separate items for each package. For example, Xmas packages so that you can add and remove packages such as season packages as you wish.
Our work continues to bring our subscription package into one big package. Within this month, we will present it to you, our valued customers, as an alternative download option to your keymaster accounts

yea, one big package would be great - because ymt limits cause serious issues, and swapping packs out will offset other clothing numbers and scripts, like clothing as items. big problem.

however, one big package would solve that.


Following lol

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The subscription link seems to be broken, and the tebex page does not have it as an option at all.

Its because of Tebex. They will solve this problem within 3 days.

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Following up on this, had you made the subscription into a single .ymt file?

hello keymaster consists of 3 different stream files due to the upload limit
there is 1 male and 1 female ymt for each stream file

Is the “whats inside” tab, accurate to the current subscription?

No, those images are outdated. There are 320 outfits in our current subscription package.

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Last question, i swear! lol.
When you say outfits, does that mean 320 individual items - or is an outfit like shoes+pants+shirt, as an example.

Generally, women’s clothing products are in the majority, but many tops for men and a few shoes for women, too many tops, too many pants, etc. products are available. (ems package for women and men is also included in our subscription.) Each one is included in the package as a separate item.

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