[MLO] Mirror Park 7 House Pack 1 | 15% November Sale

Greetings from Hane Studios Team!

We have designed a charming and modest home for FIVEM, reflecting a classic theme that marries elegance with simplicity. This residence offers a serene and inviting atmosphere, perfect for those who appreciate timeless beauty and understated luxury. Every corner speaks of careful craftsmanship and a nod to traditional aesthetics, creating a warm and welcoming space for both relaxation and inspiration.

“If you want to experience the elegance and charm of this classic-themed house firsthand, follow this link to purchase.”
7 Houses Pack | Standalone :



It is located in 7 different locations in Mirror Park.

Those interiors include :

  • Lounge
  • Hall
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Storage
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Exterior Lounge

Interiors Properties

  • Custom Shell
  • High Quality Custom Models (99% Made from scratch)
  • High Quality Custom Textures
  • Parallax Textures
  • Custom and Stable Lighting
  • Custom Extensions (Lightshafts, fires, smokes)
  • Custom Timecycle
  • Edited LOD-SLOD

November Sale

As Hane Studios, we offer you this product with discounts, in honor of this November, you can take advantage of 15% discount in our store.

| House 13 Screenshots

| Hane Studios

Hane Studios is a producer and publisher company that produces assets for next generation games from scratch and publishes and mod them different games such as GTA V.


| Credits

Producer : Hane Studios
Developer : Furkan, ook3d, Haneas
Project Leads : Haneas, Boo

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Subscription-based No
Requirements Server version: 5181 or higher / Game build: 2189 or higher
Support Yes / with DM

I am fascinated by this house.


A house exactly at American dream standards. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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better than vanilla, extreme art for fivem!

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Greetings from Hane Team!

Thank you @MsFz , We’re delighted that our house has captured your fascination! Thank you for your kind words. We’ve put a lot of care into crafting a space that resonates, and we’re thrilled that it’s had such an impact. Your appreciation means a lot to us!

Thank you for your wonderful comment @Butikss ! We’re thrilled to hear that our house aligns with the American dream standards for you. Crafting spaces that resonate with the essence of the American dream is what we strive for. Your appreciation motivates us to continue creating homes that inspire. Thank you for your support

Thank you for your fantastic feedback @bazq ! We’re thrilled that our project stands out and exceeds expectations. Creating extreme art for FiveM has been an exciting journey for us, and your appreciation fuels our passion to push boundaries. We’re committed to delivering top-notch experiences. Your support means a lot!

Changelog Maps

We made some updates based on our customers’ feedback and reviews. Thanks to our customers for their contribution.

[Log26.11 - Hane Mirror Park House 13 v1.0.1] 
- The issue where props were not visible due to entity sets was fixed, entity sets were constantly adjusted

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Greetings from Hane Studios Team.

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