[MLO] Illegal Storage&Place

Hi, I’m Beren “Haneas” Sari, today I present you the first product of my new challenge series “One Day a Project”.The challenge was unsuccessful by the way.I spent 3 days on the project.

hane_storage.rar (5.1 MB)

X: 1392.348 Y: 3633.377 Z: 34.59154

The Story of The Map
After their illegal work, an illegal crew in Santos flee from the police and seek refuge in their place.

Installation(for FIVEM)
-Open resources on your fivem server folder and move “hane_storage” folder to your server folder.

MLO’s Video

Made by Hane Mapping


Nice release +1


Thanks for your feedback

Nice Map!

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Thanks for your feedback

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Keep up the good work :+1:

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@Capt-Nova Thanks for your feedback

Nice release, I will use it. +1

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@Butiks Thanks for your feedback

Great job dude. I love little maps like this.

Thank you beren <3

this is cool! love it!

you should make an interior at 2028 area or 2049 too!