[MLO] Hogs Pub & Restaurant | Harry Potter Inspired | 15% Summer Sale

Greetings from Hane Studios Team!

We designed the actual place that Dobby mentioned when he said “Such a beautiful place, to be with friends”, for you. Fans of concept interiors and Harry Potter fans will love this project. Your roles will be much cooler thanks to classic and fully custom design product and interior.

If you want a place where you can do concept roles in a concept interior or appeal to all customers with its classic design, you can purchase the Hogs Pub from:

Map Project :


Hogs Pub Job Script :


Those interiors include :

  • Main Lounge
  • Bar Area
  • Lounge 2
  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Terrace Lounge

Interiors Properties

  • Custom Shell
  • High Quality Custom Models (95% Made from scratch)
  • High Quality Custom Textures
  • Parallax Textures
  • Animated Textures
  • Custom and Stable Lighting
  • Custom Extensions (Lightshafts, fires, candles)
  • Custom Timecycle
  • Edited LOD-SLOD

As Hane Studios, we offer you this product with summer discounts, in honor of this joyful summer, you can take advantage of 15% discount in our store.

Hogs Pub Job Script Cfx.re Topic :
[Script] Hogs Pub & Restaurant Job Script | 15% Summer Sale

| Hogs Pub Screenshots

| Hane Studios

Hane Studios is a producer and publisher company that produces assets for next generation games from scratch and publishes and mod them different games such as GTA V.

| Credits

Producer : Hane Studios
Developer : VT-REUS, Haneas
Project Leads : Haneas, Boo

| Keymaster&Map Versions&File Size

According to your quality and file size request, 2 different resources will be sent to your Keymaster account. You can use which you want.

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For support, please DM to Hane Studios’ forum Profile.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines Number of lines
Requirements Server version: 5181 or higher / Game build: 2189 or higher
Support Yes / with DM

That’s really lookin awesome. We are waiting more.


Looks very vibey. What’s the file size?


Hello @Bostra , thanks for your nice comment.
The file size of Hogs Pub, with its nearly 150 fully custom assets and textures:

Medium Version

[Hane_HPUB_Med_Version] file size with animated paints : 164 MB
[Hane_HPUB_Med_Version] file size without animated paints : 139 MB

High Version

[Hane_HPUB_High_Version] file size with animated paints : 246 MB
[Hane_HPUB_High_Version] file size without animated paints : 222 MB

Although it has a large number of custom models, all of our models are tuned and optimized in line with GTA V requirements.

Wow - can tell a solid amount of work went into this. Bravo!


Nicely done project again. Waiting for more.


It’s absolutely stunning.


W map i would use if my server had that theme


Hello @jamazzz , thanks for your nice comment.

In fact, Hogs Pub is just a concept interior suitable for all servers.
The paintings of our place are designed as a TV screens to fit the GTA V Lore.
In addition, all of our flying candles are attached to the ceiling with a fireproof rope.

We attach importance to GTA V Lore in our projects and implement our designs in that way.

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You did a great job, I’m eagerly looking forward to future projects.


Great job! it looks great!


hey so we have this in the city im in. the place looks great. but the job is broke the seats are glitchy and the stove/fridge do not show.

Hello @Ken_Burgoon , thanks for your purchase.

In this topic, we only provide support on our map content and the map content works perfectly.

Please specify your problems about the script resource under the script resource topic. Your problem will be solved as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your attention.

Script Topic :

In addition, we would be very pleased if you could express your general views about the map in detail and review the map under this topic. Thank you in advance for your comments.

Thank you for your reviews, we aim for the highest quality in our projects.

Glad to see your nice comments, thank you @NoAimGirlKane

Thanks for your nice comment @MaN11aC

is this compatible with gabz? it looks wicked

Hi @Kruns_1 , thank you for your interest.
There has been no such complaint so far, if a conflict occurs, you can let us know and we will fix it.

Greetings everyone from Hane Studios Team!

With Hane Scripts’ new troubleshooting updates, Hogs Pub Job Script is back in our store, you can download the new version from keymaster and if you have any problems, you can reach @HaneAssistance from PM.