[FREE] sqz_carmenu - SimpleCar Control Script


Hello. I would like to show you my first public release. It is simple CarControl, which allows you to put down the windows, open doors, turn on/off engine, neons …

I have added 2 languanges: Czech and English, Czech is my native language but English not, so sorry for the misstakes I made

You can read the docs here


The one depencies are:

  • es_extended (only for ESX version)
  • esx_menu_default (only for ESX version)

All the documentation is on the Github.

The only one thing is. You can edit it, use it as you want but please DO NOT SELL IT

ESX version

FiveM_GTAProcess_8T781jyguG FiveM_GTAProcess_vl19jO1X86


Version 1.0.1:

  • Added Front Speed Cruiser
  • Added Crusier
  • Most locals Converted to Config
  • Key Controls moved to Config
  • Added Extras menu to F11 menu
  • Removed b1g_notify notifications and converted to ESX classic notifications

Version 1.0.2:

  • Space now stops cruiser
  • Fixed colors in menu
  • Added missing images

WarMenu Version


The only one thing is. You can edit it, use it as you want but please DO NOT SELL IT

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Simple But handy! It Would Be Better if it was Standalone script. Thanks for sharing!

I was thinking about making it WarMenu, but then I said myself all the things are done esx, so I will do it as well. I will maybye do it in WarMenu.

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Awesome menu, I like it. Make it for native ui, and warmenu. I think if it was in all three versions it would be the best.

Ok, once I finish something others scripts and then I make it.

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Script works fine, and i like it!
But i found some issue, like i see in client.lua are line - you need to be in vehicle, but , then i try press F11 outside vehicle dont show up nothing, like alert or something, and then i get in the vehicle i try again press F11 its not work anymore, then i restart in console your script, and again it works, so its crash when someone try to open some stuff from outside, can u fix this issue pls? :slight_smile:

But over all, very good script, for roleplay, recomend, like u can open each window n stuff. really nice.
I ill wait for fix! Cheerz.

Hello. Check you if you have B1G Notify as one depency.

oh i dont have it, okay, i will try!

Standalone script is Done !!! :slight_smile:

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Does it run with latest ESX?

Hello, it should. But if you are using an WarMenu version, it does not need ESX :slight_smile:

How to ad that warmenu for other script menus? :thinking:
Btw, when pres start engine, menu dont works … then need to restart script and then again all works… i guess this is the only one issue i can found.

I will repair it. WarMenu for other scripts is maybye simple maybye not :smiley: Find on Google (or yoir favorite web search) WarMenu

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Pressing any menu option just doesn’t work.

Hey! It didn’t work for me in its “no dependencies” version but it did in its ESX version, thanks for your input, it’s a very nice menu :slight_smile:

Is there a fix for the repair bug at the extras?

I made it a long time ago, the artifacts were different. I will try to figure it.

did you already figure out what the problem is?

I hope it is allowed, the docs are out! https://docs.squizer.cz

can one make this where only a admin can use the command?