[free] sqz_carkeys


Modern, simple, clear script for locking player vehicles. Optimized server + client side, possibility to give keys to another players, supports society owned vehicles, Locksmith for resetting vehicle keys and much more! All is working with OneSync Infinity/Legacy, as much as possible is handled server, all events are protected againts hackers. I do not want to make this script paid even if I could so if you want to encourage me to do more things for free, you can do so by purchasing one of my scripts


  • Lock personaly/society owned vehicles
  • Give vehicle keys to other players
  • Reset vehicle keys at Locksmith (place on the map)
  • Give temporarily keys of vehicle
  • Optimized client & server side


  • /givekeys - Give keys to a player
  • /lockvehicle or F10 - Lock closest vehicle




  • Drop the script into your resources folder and start it in your server.cfg
  • Run the sql.sql file
  • For optional modifications & exports check docs
  • In case of bugs/questions, create a topic on GitHub or shoot me a DM on Discord (Squizer#3020)

You can edit this script as yours, but do NOT take it as yours, republish it, resell it as Mr. Cryzysek (ProjectX server owner, A.K.A. theif) did it with sqz_switchjob.

You can read the docs here

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Nice release :smirk:

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There is not preview, because you lock vehicle using a key, then you can give keys to players using a command and in locksmith replace the locks. I do not know about any good preview.

Does this include Hot wiring vehicles? or would i need a separate resource for that?

Hello, if you give me any idea, i can do it.

The script works great! I would love to see hotwiring/lockpicking local’s cars using an item added

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Script doesn’t work for me.
Is running neither J or /lockvehicle do anything?

I am sorry for the inconvenience. It is F10, try it and if it does not work, check for server errors.

Nice Work

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Tried f10 as well din’t work either no server side errors either or client side errors.

No notification?

Nothing sadly haha

Then create please a GitHub issue and provide all the info you got (repro steps, errors, config …)

Great work. Only thing I can’t get to work so far is the progress bar when replacing the vehicle lock.

I do receive the two alerts “Paid for locks” and “wait new locks” but the progress bar (server.lua: 95) doesn’t fire.

Do you have script progressBars?

I do. I tried changing the script to use mythic progress bar and also rprogress bar and wasn’t able to get it to work either

Looks great!

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Try using this one, please

Ah okay great, that one worked. Thanks for linking that script!

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