Fart System (ESX, QB)


How it Works

a funny script for rp servers that provides farting for citizens :smiley:
there are two types of farting :

  • farting by consuming pill
  • farting with command

if you add the “fartpill” into your items table (ESX or QB) and after player consumes the pill he will fart automatically for 2 minutes
and you can put the pill label to something like “Energy Pill” so players will not know that its a trap pill

farting by command is another method
command structure : /fart (a number between 1 to 13)
for example /fart 2
and of course they can fart by a limited count and its configurable



  • low usage 0.01
  • when player farts a text above his head appears that shows he farted !
  • includes 13 different fart sounds


  • esx or qb
  • InteractSound


fart script.zip (577.6 KB)

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements ESX or QB
Support Yes

It Look Funny

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wtf bro but nice idea :rofl:

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Jesus it’s amazing :joy:


wtf bro but nice idea :rofl:

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Looks great! lol, maybe it be a funny added feature to make it reduce your stress level

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I will start the * InteractSound but I dont know why there have no sound

this is the right path to put the sounds

you need to copy the sounds at there then restart interactsound and everything should work

haha nice idea

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  1. why?
  2. Amazing
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  1. in real life we all fart so why not in fivem ? :smiley:
  2. tnx

I made this a year ago - :slight_smile: the power of F11

what u mean by F11 ?

Can the hudo that is loaded in the video be obtained?


still cant have sound

So if anyone hasnt done it yet, here’s an idea…

You can add a fart event to items you eat… I did a random math to see if it’ll make me fart then it runs the fart pill event. So for 2 minutes people may fart after eating… or maybe they ate a moldy sandwich, haha.

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haha nice idea

new idea btw :joy:

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