The Most Advanced Lock System

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Hello everyone

I’m here to introduce you the most advanced lock system for doors that ever made !

please check the video first

click here if the video wont show

easy to setup

you can set lock on any door you want such as single doors, double doors or even gates in under 20 seconds for each door !

type of locks

you can set 2 type of locks such as normal and electric lock

the easiest and newest way

you don’t need to suffer anymore for creating lock on doors in a hard way such as finding the door hash, coordinates, heading, putting them on config.lua and other stuffs, you just do a few easy steps and it takes only 20 seconds or even less !

look at the pics

just aiming at the door and everything is ready to setup !

at the final step you can choose your options for the door :

options :

  • setting the authorized jobs for the door

  • door type (if it is gate or not)

  • pin code (making digital lock system for the door that requires code to get open)

  • you can choose the door is unlockable or not (if not nobody can lockpick or hack it)

  • set the door locked already or let it be open

  • size of the icon and text on the door

  • distance for opening and closing the door

working with database

you can add or delete locks without restarting the script because it works dynamically and stores in database instead of the old way like using config.lua for setting up the doors

breaking the doors

the doors can be break by lockpicking and hacking

there are 3 type of doors :

  1. normal doors (can be lockpicked)

  2. digital doors that have a pin code (can be hacked)

  3. electric doors such as gates (can be hacked)

alarm system

when a player starts to hack a door alarm will trigger to the job you have set for security that by default is police

features :

  • the whole script is open source

  • easy to setup for any type of door under 20 seconds !

  • easy to delete the lock on the door you have set in 5 seconds !

  • you have a lot options for lock system that you are making for the door

  • doors can be break by lockpick and hacking (depends on the door type)

  • you can set pin code for special doors

  • you can set the door becomes unbreakable (cannot be hacked or lockpicked)

  • you set lockpick timer and chance of success

  • you can set the alarm for hacking the doors and the job that is gets the alarm

  • optimized at least 0.05 - 0.10 ms less than normal esx doorlock

  • doors will store in database instead of config.lua that requires restarting the script

  • every setup and delete can be done in real time and dynamically without restarting the script

  • includes tutorial videos

requirements :

  • es_extended or esx legacy

  • esx_inventory

  • InteractSound

  • mhacking

  • progressBars

config file

Config = {}
Config.Locale = 'en'

local seconds = 1000

Config.AlarmHacking         = true         -- when someone starts to hack a door it will trigger alarm to security
Config.ChanceOfAlarm        = 80           
Config.SecurityJob          = 'police'     -- the job name that gets alarm when someone starts to hack a door
Config.LockPickTimer        = 10 * seconds -- lockpick timer (default 10 seconds)
Config.LockpickChance       = 70           -- lockpick chance to open a door
Config.LockpickCanGetBroken = true         -- if lockpicking failed then break the item and remove it from player inventory
Config.KeycardCanBeBreak    = false        -- if it's true then hacker before uses his keycard it goes into a chance and if hacker loses the chance his keycard will break
Config.KeycardChance        = 90           -- chance of hack to be done successfully if the card did not break
Config.HackAndLockpickKey   = 74           -- H by default

also special thanks and credit to zr0iq the developer of the mhacking script because I used the mhacking for hacking system so it helped my script to become more realistic

script link

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Leaked from nui_doorlock, menu from PixelWord and old doorlock from leak store


$25 euros lmao. There are already existing ones out there which are way better and open source.

Also in addition to the mentions above, it’s using FreezeEntityPosition, it’ll be using the old way IE looking through all of the doors, checking coords to find your nearest rather then using the native DoorSystem.

On top of this, you have TWO instances of 3D text being used.

This is probably terrible on performance for more than 20 doors.

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everybody please in these type of cases directly flag it,

I think you guys are missing the point here, its the most advanced…

it took 5 days for me to make this script and you are claiming I’m using the leaked ones
before judging someone’s work you need to have enough knowledge to talk about it

I’m web developer for 12 years so why should I use the leaked html and js files while its easy for me to make UI files !

if you think they are better then it means you did not read the description closely, anyway your opinion is yours and you are free not to buy it and use the free ones
but it’s not your script and authority to judge my work

I’m here to earn money in honest way and if the price is high I can decrease it, for that you can just ask or even if you have some doubts you can question them and not insulting me sir :slight_smile:

it does not matter even if you use 3d text 10 times at the same time ! because it was defined by the distance
for example if the door lock distance is 2 yards then if you reach 2 yards distance to the door then text will show up sir

anyway if you have any suggestion for me I would appreciate to let me know so I can upgrade the script

You still didn’t reply about the part where if there is a ton of doors, the resource won’t go high in CPU msec, but a genuine suggestion - use the native DoorSystem.

well we usually set 1.5 - 3 yards of distance right ? and most of the time doors are not close to each other so only one door will trigger for 3dtext
maybe in some cases 2 separated doors are close to each other but even in that case it wont go high as much because I tested it

Can I resmon with about 300-400doors?

yes you can
every door script than have been released uses a loop for doors to checking the ped distance to each door to processing

most of the doors distance we define are 1.5 - 3 yards so there is no different between 10 doors or 400 doors in CPU usage

the only difference is the ram usage, the more doors you add the more ram usage on client side will be, but that’s ok too because nowadays players pc has at least 16GB Ram

meanwhile if you got problem in any case I can fix it for you and customizing the script by your needs, so no worries sir :slight_smile:

Can I see your test results on 300 doors please? Coz in while loop checking distance from player to each door can be very CPU hungry.

let me explain again
lets assume that you have only 2 doors right ? we check the doors in a loop

while true do
for k,v in pairs(Doors) do
“the process”

so basically we check the doors all the time right ?
also when you have 1000 doors, it does the same job
but the doors will store in a variable that uses ram memory so it only increases the ram usage because the larger variable means more ram usage

in the case of 400 doors I can change a little bit on client side to working perfectly for you

Test it and I’m sure you will get like 3ms+ in client side. Just do some research and try to add every door on server and you will see, that I’m right about performance. It will be very poor.

I will share you the result

When someone lockpicks a police door and or lets say a bank door, does it notify the police? I didn’t see a notification saying the police have been called.

Sorry about not uploading that part I actually forgot to do

by default alarm will trigger for hackings because in reality lockpicking does not alarm but I can customize it for you its easy to do if you want

if the door is defined for police then police will get the alarm or even more jobs if you define them in the “authorized jobs”

the video cant be watch