ESX Craft System

script link

Hello everyone

I have made and designed a great UI to craft your items

your items can be weapons or regular items

please check the video first

Super easy to add

it’s super easy to set your items on the script

you just add your items in config.lua and copy paste the images into the script folder and that’s it !


  • fully optimized 0.00 ms and while crafting 0.02 ms

  • super easy to add your items and weapons to config.lua

  • you can set for each item how long it takes to be crafted

  • you can set requirements for each item and weapon

  • you can set many locations in order to craft with specific and individual items for each one

  • you can set a specific job for each location so only that job will access to that craft menu

  • if you do not set a job so it will become public and every player can access to the menu

  • the source is fully open and you can edit the files if you want

  • while crafting items you can choose the count of that item you are going to craft

  • included a tutorial video


  • es_extended or esx legacy

  • mythic_notify

  • progressBars

you can buy the script from here with 8€

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This seems great for servers that want to play a professional role :grinning: :ok_hand:


really want to see a craft system with levels for each individual category, like blacksmithing, if you craft in that category it will only level up your blacksmithing craft level.

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I can make it that’s a great idea
can you send me more information, I’m so interested about your idea :slight_smile:

do you suggest to have sub categories too

you could do sub categories yeah, just it would be nice for people to have individual crafting levels for each category. So you could have someone who focuses on doing blacksmithing and has a high level in it etc.

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could you string this with other scripts ?

hey just wondering would there be a way to add a config setting for permanant items that do get removed from ur inventory
so for Eg
if i was wanting to make a weapon have all the crafting items i need and then say have a blue print that is need to craft that weapon so when you go to craft the weapon it removes all the crafting items out of ur inventory except the blue print or what ever item i have defined not to be removed

yes sit, it doesn’t do any conflict

hey bro
I will update the script as soon as possible with your changes you said
it’s actually better idea so i will do it then I’ll get you in touch when it’s ready