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Hello everyone

This is one of the coolest script that is very useful for “Heavy RP” servers that players feel they are in real world !

Player use a book from inventory to open it then book will show up in a window with scrolling to top and bottom

Please check the video first :

You can create many books with different contents (any language you want) also any image you want to add

You can even make a library with a library MLO to make it more realistic

You can also make different book stores with it’s own books to sell

The script includes a full tutorial video to make books

Features :

- Supporting all languages

- Creating varies of books with different contents including images

- Reading the books inside the game and it makes your server so much real

- Fully optimized 0.01 ms usage also 0.00 ms when you are not close to book stores

- Easy to add books

- Including full tutorial for adding books

You can buy the script from my tebex with only 7€ :


Any chance of having PAGES instead of scrolling down super far? Like a book?

you just mentioned a great idea, I will try to make it in future


qbcore variant please…also i’d reference the “newspaper” script that was released recently in terms of being able to flip through pages

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hi sir
i made the qb version too