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Hello everyone

I’ve made a great UI with a beautiful structure for jobs list so players will have better understanding of the jobs in your city

check the video first

we have 2 type of jobs

  • whitelisted

  • normal

when player selects the normal job like fishing it will set the job instantly like the default esx_jobs script

but when he selects a whitelisted job the location of the job will be marked on the map so player goes to there for the rest maybe talking to the chief of department to hiring him


  • you can set many job centers in different locations

  • super easy to add jobs on the list, just copy pasting the icon of the job into the images folder and adding the job in config.lua

  • you can set image, title, location and the short description of the job

  • you can set location for all jobs even normal ones so player will know where he must go after selecting the job

  • improves your User Experience for the city because when we show something to players with a great UI it will increase the clarity and making the player satisfaction

  • fully optimized 0.01 - 0.02 ms when your near the marker

  • fully open source

requirements : es_extended or esx legacy

Script Link

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nice man :grinning: