ESX Multiple Simcards


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by this script players can have a dynamic simcard system at city, citizens can have multiple simcards with switching option
also citizens can buy or sell their simcards at simcard shops



  • playes can buy or sell simcards at simcard shops
  • players can have multiple simcards
  • players can switch their simcards with updating on their phones
  • fully working with gcphone
  • easy to make the shops around the city
  • admins can add new simcards to the shop
  • admins can also delete a simcard that hey added on shop
  • very light and friendly UI for simcard shops
  • very easy to moderate the shop by citizens and admins
  • included discord logs
  • supporting multi character system

Simcard Types

  • citizens simcard : when players buy a simcard from the shop they can also put the simcard on sale with their own prices
  • government simcards : at the first simcard shops are empty so admins can add simcards to the shop with a price

More Info

  • players can only put a simcard to sale that they already have more than one simcard, itmeans they cannot sell the only simcard they have so they need to have extra simcards in order to put them on sale
  • very optimized performance 0.01 - 0.02 ms at maximum
  • players can see their simcards by the /mysimcards command
  • admins can add or delete a simcar from shop by /addsimcard /deletesimcard
  • an animation plays when player starts to switch his simcard
  • fully open source
  • discord logs on adding, deleting, selling simcards


  • es_extended or esx legacy
  • gcphone
  • mythic notify (optional)

my Tebex

you can buy the script from HERE

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) near 2000
Requirements esx, gcphone
Support Yes

Love this! Keep up the great work!

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please make a qbcore version

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this idea is actually dope, keep up the work bro!

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nice system

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did u ever make the qbcore version

not yet bro kind of busy now but I share the news to you when its ready

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shoot if u really wanna go crazy u should add some type of way where the police can tap your phone and listen to ur calls by using the item and they have to kno your phone number but thats just my suggestion