Realistic Fast Food (ESX)

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Hello everyone

Before I start need to tell you my English is not very well so I apology if there are some mistakes in my description :slight_smile:

Lets start, this is one of my best scripts that I worked on it a lot to provide a useful script for “Heavy RP” servers

Please check videos on below first to see everything about this script



Realistic fast food provides food for citizens by RP, it means players need a place to eat and also a company with workers that do it for them

There are two ways for buying food from fast food :

  1. Fast food workers are in city and available so players will go to the fast food place and order food to workers then chefs will cook the meal

  2. Fast food workers are not in city or they are off duty, so players can go to fast food again and buy foods from a marker but with limited count (to avoid spamming) and a cooldown (by default every 30minutes players can buy 3 food maximum when workers are offline)

The other feature that i have put for fast food is that workers can go to “Delivery Mission” when their time is free, so they wont waste their times if customers rarely come to fast food

features :

- the script is fully optimized

(when you are not fast food worker, usage is 0.03)

(when you are fast food worker, usage is between 0.05 - 0.06)

- there are more than 10 type of foods, 4 type drinks and 12 material to cook

as you can see for every item, food and material I have made transparent, optimized and real images to add in esx_inventory resource to save your time

- fast food workers in order to cook need to grab materials from kitchen and meats from fridge to cook the food

- cooker or chefs only can cook food behind ovens

- in order to cook a html UI will be opened to guide the chefs how to cook each food

- there is a food menu that customers will see the list and prices like real life (you can change the image or edit it by photoshop)

- there is a delivery mission for workers to earn more money

- you can almost configure everything in config.lua

- you can change the prices, rewards and everything easly

- I have almost put guides for each section to teach you understanding the scripts

requirements :

  • es_extended

  • esx_inventory

  • esx_inventoryhud_trunk

  • esx_basicneeds

  • esx_society

  • progressbar

  • mythic notify

  • esx_billing (optional)

  • 3dme (optional)

you can buy the script from my tebex with 20.00 EUR
my tebex

Is the map included?

pretty sure that is a leaked map, an exclusive.

the map I’m using has been bought before, I need to find the owner to take permission for it but I don’t remember who it was, once I had a server and I was the owner so I used to buy many maps

you can use this one, its better and has more rooms

in fact you can use any map you want from you just need to change the coords in config.lua

I bought it sir as long as I remember, I just don’t know who I bought from because it’s for a long time ago

Bought it… This is leaked mlo from nopixel first mlo version…

When you buy it not even from nopixel itself.

It doesn’t give you the right to use their mlo.

I’m not sure if the seller was scammer or not, even if he was I did not have time to investigate about his products or checking all servers for anything I wanted to buy

I’m here to sell my script not the map, I don’t understand what is your problem with me when I’m here to sell only my script

I got not a problem with you at all. Just saying facts about that mlo. You can sell your script or do w/e you like ofc that is all your rights. But would look more cleaner if you used free mlo even if you selling script and not mlo. It just looks more legit now it shows more like you might support leakers in the end.

But i don’t got any beef with you fam.
Still i am free to write down my opinion or facts that’s it. Nothing against you or your scripts.

I take your recommend bro, I’m going to use free mlo for showing my scripts from now
Thanks for your advice

check it now, I sent it to you
if you had any problem or question just let me know :slight_smile:

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Hello^^ do you know why i have this error when i want cooking

I download mythic_progbar

Thx for your answer

is everything right now or the error still exist my friend ?

Hello Equalize, sorry didnt see you answer me.

Yes i have always the error, do you need a video ? for see ?