VIP List + Test Drive

Hello everyone

Many of us are running RP servers on Fivem right ? so if we want to sell our special and vip cars to players so we need an ui to show the list to them, even better if the list is clear and categorized

Video Link

by this way you can increase your server income because they just use /vip command and see the list

also they can test drive any vehicle on the list

so I decided to make an ui list for any vip car you want to add in, you can setup categories (brands) and their vehicles

Features :

- beautiful UI with a background

- it has scroll if the list is huge

- it has players can test the cars

- fully optimized 0.00 ms and 0.04 in test drive

- easy to add brands like AUDI, Ford, BMW and so on

- easy to add vehicles to brands

- includes a tutorial for adding stuffs

you can buy the script from here with 10€

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I love the car brand Neissan :sunglasses: :+1:

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10 euro for this ?, the ui isn’t good at all, ur panel is not even centered, colors are ill-chosen and the ui is responsive?

10 euro for an UI that sells VIP cars for your server ! so more income into your pocket
you can change everything in UI by your own desire like colors, spaces, sizes, images and so on
it’s totally open source

This looks great :ok_hand: :grinning:
Does the dimension change during the driving test?