[ESX][Paid] Union Depository Heist

Union Depository Heist



How the Heist Works

  • Player needs to get a Stockade vehicle and drive thru the City into Union Depository Garage.
  • Take the gold trolley from trunk and infiltrate.
  • Hack the Vault door and use thermite to open the money cells
  • You can choose to exit using the main door or explode the wall and create a big hole to escape.

About Config

  • The Config file is very complete, you can customize every single step of the heist, here’s a little preview:

Is the script obfuscated, IP locked or remotely loaded? NO, you are free to modify and learn from my code, but you are not allowed to re upload it or resell it.

There’s also a Discord log included, you can setup your Webhook on Server/main.lua so every time someone starts the robbery you will receive a notification with the Steam name of the player.

As you can see in the video the script is highly optimized, 0.0ms while idle or 0.08 if you are close to 3D text or rendering the C4 countdown on screen.

Your purchase includes:

  • Modified Union Depository Interior
  • Union Depository Heist
  • Link to dependencies
  • Support

Purchase thru my Tebex Store


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Man your shop is down. The discount code is useless if I can´t use it :frowning:

Sorry I’m doing some changes, it will be available in an hour

Store is online now :smiley:


Is the gruppe6 uniform a useful object?