[Release] Mobile Operations Center

Mobile Operations Center Interior

This script isn’t just a drag and drop, you need to modify the events (lines 80 - 89) for the stash, wardrobe and crafting, and also add your own method to make other players invisibles while inside interior.

Here’s an old preview: VIDEO

  • Spawn the vehicle called trailerlarge and use comand /moc:enter to be teleported into the interior.

  • You can also use command /moc:color + number(1 - 15) to change the interior color.

I made this months ago and never wanted to finish it, so feel free to improve it and share it with the community.

If you are gonna take the code or inspiration to make your own and sell it at least send me a free copy :blue_heart:

Download: GitHub - avilchiis/av_moc: Mobile Operations Center for Fivem

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Nice, so if you teleport outside you appear near vehicle or location whre you teleported in?

location that you teleport in, i tried already and also if you spawn 2 trailer or more it will go to the same int

nice looking