[Paid][Standalone] AV VIP System

About the Script:

An automated VIP System for your Fivem Server, connected to your Tebex Webstore.
Fully Standalone, works perfect for any server no matter if is Roleplay, PVP, Zombies or if it uses ESX, VRP, Qbus, etc.

Configure it one time, sit back and relax, the script will make all the hard work.

VIDEO DEMO: Youtube Video
BUY HERE: Tebex Link


  • Standalone: Works with any Framework and server.

  • Automated: Once a player buys the package from your Tebex Webstore, the script will send the code to your desired Discord channel and insert it into your database.
    Players only have to connect to server and use the command /vip_code [tebex_transaction] to redeem their VIP. You don’t need to do anything.

  • Identifiers: Works with Steam or License as identifier.

  • Gift Cards: Increase the engagement with your community by creating Gift Cards and send it them to your players, they can redeem it anytime.

  • Exports: Get user VIP status and level from any other resource by using the Client/Server exports.

    1. You can create a shop for VIP members and choose which VIP level can have access.
    2. Add extra character slot on your favorite multicharacter script depending of VIP level.
  • Expiration Date: The months are accumulative, if a player redeem a code for 1 month today and tomorrow redeems another code for 4 months, it will receive 5 months in total. Expiration date doesn’t override, players don’t need to wait for expiration date before redeeming another code.

  • Unlimited Levels: Add as many VIP Levels as you want.

  • Discord Logs: There’s logs for everything, if one of your whitelist admins creates a lot of Gift Cards you can easily know who created the codes and who used it.

  • Easy Config: Inside your downloable package you will receive a HowTo text file with all the installation instructions and examples on how to use the exports.


  • A Tebex Webstore.
  • MySQL: For database functions.

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Wow nice job! Looks great!

This looks awesome. In the VIP shop is it only items or can we make it a VIP car shop with different cars at different levels?

You can restrict a Vehicleshop for VIP users really easy with the exports

How easily could this be done ?

There’s already an example for shops inside HowTo.txt

Bookmarking it for future use, thanks that looks like a very useful system.

Script is good, it works for what it is, although i can’t say the same for the support, upon asking for information in the discord i was told he couldn’t help me, i then asked in his script-help channel if his community could give some information i was then kicked and banned a few hours later without being given support. 4/10

Support is given, but you were asking me to edit YOUR script which isn’t my job.

When I told you that, you posted on Discord an offer for anyone to help you for money and my Discord isn’t a bazar. The only allowed sells are my own from Tebex.

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Okay, first off i think your google translate was underperforming, at no point did i EVER ask you to edit my scripts, i merely asked for some information as your readme/ how to was very insignificant to the information that i needed, i also stated that for the price of the script at least a little information should be given when asked other than “my exports allow use in many scripts”,

Secondly i NEVER offered anyone money for help in your script help channel in discord, i asked your community the same question that i asked in the ticket of “does anyone have any information on how to make 3 separate shops at 3 different levels” and i would LOVE for you to prove with a screenshot otherwise of me offering money good sir:), enjoy your day and this will be my last reply on this topic we have outsourced to someone that can actually help us set this up and gave more support than you were able to offer, thank you for your useful script have a wonderful day.

I too would need support for shop per level support. I suppose if it provides an export you could check if playerhaspermission or something but then apply to that to what a teleport, a PED shopkeeper, vehshop… I would hope there is at least one or two examples configured to get setup. While it’s not hard, starting from scratch on someone else’s code can be a little confusing, does it pull roles from discord, aces permissions or own database? If it’s not well documented this could take some work to figure out. Very interested in this possibility but defiantly would need working multi-shop multi-level prof-of-concept as I’m paying for a script to perform a certain function. If it’s simple I wouldn’t see why the dev wouldn’t just add one or two shops set to some sample levels, would go a long way to buyer confidence seeing a video or images that it works. This is the only function I need so would buy it right away if it’s built-in.

The script only uses 2 exports client and server side:

isVIP() and Level()

isVIP() returns true or false depending if the player has VIP or not
Level() returns the VIP level (number).

Also there’s a Readme file so you can know how to apply this exports on others scripts.

Honestly support was shocking on this, regardless what OP states, just a heads up

One thing is give support and other is to modify your resources and do your work.

The help after the sale is scarce if it helps you but it tells you the least.The examples are examples that if you don’t know what it is, you don’t understand it, you would have to put the example of a store and that it works only takes 2 minutes my recommendation is that If you do not have knowledge, do not buy it, you will not be able to use it and it is not cheap

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Quick question - Can you help me edit the script to update a different column in a different table at the time of VIP being redeemed?

Sure, feel free to send me a DM

hello i have a problem,

i can create a vip giftcard and also tebex workes but i dont get msg from the skript like in your video “your not vip” also the shop dont work in the consol it triggers “av_vip Open Shop”

If you still need help with this, I can assist! Send me a DM

Can you give us an example of a VIP shop? Clearly you have a working one in your demo. Why would you not provide us with this feature your showcasing? It’s very misleading.