[PAID] AV Illegal Jobs

Preview: YOUTUBE

The ultimate illegal jobs script for your server, you can steal from vehicles to airplanes or boats in a cool way. Highly customizable and compatible with your favorite Framework.


  • Already configured for ESX, VRP and QBCore but you can add your own Custom Framework functions.

  • Easy config, you can create as many jobs as you want.

  • Each job can be highly customized: job cost, reward money or items, NPC models, NPC weapons, vehicle model, job location, job delivery, use cutscene, call the cops, etc.

  • You can add different locations for the starting door and it will be different on every server restart.

  • Every job has its own cooldown. Same for the players, there’s a player cooldown to prevent the same guy farms all the jobs.

  • Events and Jobs Config are server side protected against cheaters and dumpers.

  • 6 pre configured jobs.

  • Discord logs.


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- Added support for VRP: Set ‘VRP’ as Framework inside Config, follow the instructions inside Readme and the script will be ready to work :smiley: