[Paid] AV Turbulence Robbery

PREVIEW: AV Turbulence Robbery [Fivem][GTA 5] - YouTube


  • Compatible with: ESX (not ESX2), QBCORE, VRP and Standalone.

  • Works with One Sync Legacy / Infinity.

  • Removed the weapons from the Ruiner 2000.

  • Random delivery location to prevent Metagaming.

  • Police will be able to track the vehicle GPS location.

  • Server side events protected to prevent cheaters.

  • Resmon 0.01 | 0.06 while in front of 3D text.

  • No IP locked | No encryption, code is fully accessible.

BUY HERE: https://av-scripts.tebex.io/package/4761592

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this is dope, curious are you able to switch out the Ruiner for anything else?

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Cool looks!

The parachute is a flag inside vehicle.meta is called FLAG_HAS_PARACHUTE you can add it to your vehicle and use it for the robbery


Amazing job

Looks awesome, but I’m having some issues with it. Where can I get support?

You are probably using an older version, download the update using the Tebex link you received in your email

When was the last update? I downloaded it only like a day ago.


It says the download is in the trash when I try to go to it on google drive.
Also, I can’t join your Discord because of the stupid ‘reseller bot’ you have.
I was added to the list by Breze a long time ago because he simply didn’t like me and the fact that I called him out for his crappy service, so now I can’t join any Discords that use it.

Send me a DM

Can you please update it to able to use 2 person. So the copilot of the mini airplane can get into the big one?

I messaged you.

very nice

How do I get updates since I was banned from the discord for complaining about issues with this script?

Yeah he does that hahahahah