[PAID] AV 24/7 Store Robbery

Another Store Robbery?..

YES! but let me tell you something about this store robbery:

  • Are you having a hard time retaining players during mornings?

  • Your players prefers to play another server because there’s not enough cops online to make something illegal?

If you felt identified then this script is for you:

  • 24/7 Store Robbery, literally, no players cops needed to start the robbery.

  • You can setup how many online players cops you need to disable NPC dispatch.

  • Different reward amount depending if you are robbing with NPC or Players.

  • Store cooldown and Player cooldown to prevent the same guy robs all the stores.

  • Players needs to lose the NPC and get far away from the store before they can receive the money, to prevent people from robbing > receiving the money and inmediatly disconnect from server to lose cops.

  • Give some action to those players who wants to RP as a Cop during mornings but disconnects in minutes because they are alone during hours… They can attend the NPC robberies and join the pursuit!

  • Easy config.

  • Server events protected to prevent cheaters.

  • And most important: Works with QBCORE, VRP (bydunko), ESX (not ESX 2) and Standalone.

VIDEO PREVIEW: AV 24/7 Store Robbery for Fivem - YouTube


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Very nice. Already have 4 other heist and now added this one to the collection.

I have two questions, on QBCore we are having two issues. It doesn’t show any messages in regard to if we were successful or unsuccessful in the robbery. (I uncommented the two areas in the config lua and the fxmanifest). Then the config also has it set to QBCORE. It also isn’t paying us for some reason even though the config is same as default as the values work for our server.

Any assistance would be appreciated. :slight_smile: Thank you and btw I love the mod. Especially with the default having npc cops etc.

Hi, please send me a DM with your Tebex Transaction ID so I can help u :smiley: