[Paid][ESX] AV Bobcat Security Robbery

Preview: YOUTUBE


  • Optional guards with customizable weapons.

  • Discord Logs

  • Anti cheaters function to prevent people triggering money event.

  • Cool synched scenes for C4 and money grab.

  • No IP locked | No encryption, code is fully accessible.

  • Requires Serverbuild 2060 or 2189

Buy it here: TEBEX

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Where would i get the mapping ?

Is already included on download.

Very cool, buyed! Thanks to share this amazing heist

Hi! I have a few of your other robberies and scripts. My only question is, is this all server synced? If so to what extent?

The map changes (entity sets) is server side synched.
The only person who can loot the trolleys is the one who started the robbery.

Update: Missing IPL was added on client.lua, please verify your email.

What about the guards and etc?

Everybody can see them

does this have a built in pd notify?

Yes, Blip and notification message

might pick it up and take a crack at converting it to weapon rewards(a la nopixel) instead of cash