Chimp Minigame - FiveM Minigame Script

Chimp Minigame - FiveM Standalone Minigame Script

Chimp Minigame is a FiveM Standalone Minigame Script that you can use it in your robberies.

How to solve the minigame ?
By clicking on number 1, the other numbers will be hidden and you have to click on the others in the right order 2, 3, 4… So you have to memories the other numbers positions.

You can configure your minigame depends on your robbery and the level of difficulty, from 3 numbers (very easy) to 40 number (nearly impossible).
And you can configure the time as well from 3 seconds to 3600 second (1 hour).

You can test or practice The Minigame by command “chimpminigame [numbers] [seconds]” (Ace Permission Only).


local success = exports['dz-chimpminigame']:StartMinigame(5 --[[solutions]], 5 --[[time in second]])
if success then
	-- in case of success
	-- in case of fail

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 130
Requirements No
Support Yes