Staff Chat - Live Chatbox for Staff Members - QBCore, ESX and Standalone

Staff Chat - Live Chatbox for Staff Members - QBCore, ESX and Standalone Frameworks


  • Text Messages
  • Vocal Messages
  • Typing Indicator
  • @mention Staff Members
  • Sound Notification
  • Online Staff List

Config File:

You can choose to setup:

  • Your framework staff groups
  • Your staff Ace group
  • Add your staff list manually

You can change your staff count refresh time
You can change the tag notify sound effect
You can setup your webhook logs
You must setup a webhook for vocal drop (important)

Note : The Open Source version is not available for the moment.

Preview: Youtube Link
Buy here: Tebex Link ($9.99 + Tax)

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Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements QBCore, ESX or Standalone
Support Yes


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Let me know if it will go open source someday.


it’s Escrow protected

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Of course i will :blush:

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Love it! need Dark mode option as well!

I’m already working on multi-themes option as well :blush:

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Open source version when?

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the open-source version is not available for the moment


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Bought this and it gets flagged every download i make saying a virus… It may not be true that it contains it but has anyone have this problem?

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Hi @Phillyfanz,
it might be because of the .js files or the .fxap cfx file inside the compressed script
try to turn off your antivirus, or download the file using another browser or software

looks really good great job.


Thank you for your sweet review :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You do any custom scripts for commission?


Hi @GHBlake :blush:
I usually do, but I’m having a little work this time period.

Hi @CalskyRoleplay :blush:
This problem started appearing with few customers after the windows defender may 2023 update.
And for some unknown reasons the defender detects that the script contains a Trojan/Virus in the script.js file of the UI side of the staffchat menu.
I have scanned the file myself using the most popular virus & malware scanning online, and the script is 100% clear, and it’s trusted with over 20 customers.

Scanning results:


And for you to be sure, I’m making another update to the script hopefully this problem will disappear completely.


I cant download the file it says virus detected! Im using edge and opera also says virus detected

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Hi @RoykeHD :blush:
can you download the script again from keymaster? I made an update to it.

Thank you for your sweet words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: