Advanced Items Spawner - Admin Menu - FiveM QBCore Script

Advanced Items Spawner - Admin Menu - FiveM QBCore Script

The Advanced Items Spawner is a FiveM script for QBCore Framework, it features an advanced admin menu for roleplay servers that you can use to spawn items for yourself and your server players with an easy, advanced, and more controllable menu.


  • You can spawn more than one items in the same time, with an easy items search options
  • You can spawn items to multiple players in the same time, with multiple player search options
  • You spawn items as a Package Item, so the receiving player can extract the items from the Package
  • You can track you spawn progress by a detailed and easy to read and understand menu
  • You can track the menu usage by a detailed logs system

Client Config:

Config = {}

Config.QBCoreName = 'qb-core' -- QBCore script name, default is "qb-core"
Config.InventoryName = 'qb-inventory' -- Inventory script name, default is "qb-inventory"

------------------------------------ Admin ---------------------------------

Config.MenuCommand = 'adminitems' -- Command to open items menu
Config.AdminRole = 'admin' -- Admin permission to access the menu, QBCore default: "mod" | "admin" | "god"

------------------------------ Spawn Settings ------------------------------

Config.PlayersCooldown = 200 -- in MS, 200ms cooldown time of giving items between each player, for server side optimization and prevent late respond

------------------------- Player Inventory Settings ------------------------

Config.MaxInventorySlots = 41 -- Max inventory slots for a player
Config.MaxInventoryWeight = 120000 -- in Grams, Max weight a player can carry (default 120kg)

--------------------------- Package Item Settings --------------------------

Config.PackageItem = 'packaged_items' -- Package item spawn name
Config.PackageWeight = 1000 -- in Grams, The Package item (packaged items) weight (default 1kg)

------------------------------- Translations -------------------------------

Config.Translations = {
	-- UI Translations
	['search']						= 'Search...',
	['item_infos']					= 'Show item informations',
	['spawn_selected']				= 'Spawn selected',
	['clear_selected']				= 'Clear selected',
	['show_more']					= 'show more',
	['selected_items']				= 'Selected Items',
	['amount']						= 'amount',
	['spawn_as_package']			= 'Spawn selected items as a Package',
	['target_players']				= 'Target Players',
	['spawn_for_myself']			= 'Spawn for myself',
	['selected_players']			= 'Selected Players',
	['select_all_players']			= 'Select all players',
	['select_closest_players']		= 'Select closest players',
	['distance'] 					= 'distance',
	['spawn_items']					= 'Spawn Items',
	['search_player']				= 'Search for Player',
	['refresh_list']				= 'Refresh List',
	['id_name']						= 'id, name...',
	['spawn_list']					= 'Spawns progress list',
	['clear_list']					= 'Clear list',
	['items_spawned_successfully']	= 'Items spawned successfully',
	['player_offline']				= 'Player offline',
	['no_empty_slots']				= "Player doesn't have empty slots",
	['no_enough_weight']			= "Player doesn't have enough weight",
	['packaged_items']				= 'Packaged Items',
	['extract']						= 'Extract',
	['destroy_package']				= 'Destroy Package',
	['extracting']					= 'Extracting',
	['extracting_amout']			= 'extracting amout...',
	['destroy_confirmation']		= 'Destroy Package confirmation',
	['destroy_infos']				= 'Are you sure you want to destroy this package ?<br>All items inside the package will be permanently removed and are non-refundable.',
	['confirm']						= 'Confirm',
	['cancel']						= 'Cancel',
	-- Disc.ord Logs
	['spawned']						= 'Spawned',
	['package']						= 'Package',
	['items']						= 'Items',
	['for_players']					= 'For Players',
	['extracted_item_package']		= 'Extracted item from package',
	['status']						= 'Status',
	['destroyed_package']			= 'Destroyed Package',
	['not_enough_weight']			= 'Not Enough Weight',
	['not_enough_slots']			= 'Not Enough Slots',
	['extracted_successfully']		= 'Extracted successfully',
	['dont_have_enough_space']		= 'Doesn\'t have enough space',
	-- Notifications
	['received_package']			= 'You have received a Package from admin',
	['you_received']				= 'You have received',
	['from_admin']					= 'from admin',
	['successfully_extracted']		= 'successfully extracted',
	['cant_extract_item']			= 'Can\'t extract selected item',
	['package_not_exist']			= 'Package doesn\'t exist',
	['successfully_destroyed']		= 'Package has been successfully destroyed',
	['cannot_be_destroyed']			= 'Package cannot be destroyed',
	['package_doesnt_exist']		= 'Package doesn\'t exist',
	-- Command Description
	['command_description']			= 'Advanced items spawner menu (admin only)',

Server Config:

------------------------------- Disc.ord Logs -------------------------------

Config.ItemsSapwningWebhook = ""
Config.PackageExtractingWebhook = ""
Config.PackageDestructionWebhook = ""

Preview: Youtube Link
Buy Here : Tebex Link ($15.99 + Tax)

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Code is accessible config files
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +800
Requirements QBCore Framework
Support Yes

Esx in the future ?

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sure, in the near future :grin:

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where can I find this type of icons?

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I don’t understand your question

in the script you show icons, which on a graphic level are beautiful, where can I find this type of icon, to insert into my inventory

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oh! do you mean the items images ? if so, you can find them easlly online, it’s the images of the default qb inventory.

does it load icons for custom items being added on a daily basis?

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it does load the items images directly from you inventory script. you don’t have to add any image to it.

i cant get this to work on my server
packaged_items` item bellow, to your items list in qbcore how do i add that where is items list in qb core

Hi @R_Blox :blush:
You must add a new item called packaged_items in qb-core/shared/items.lua file

dis work wit ox_inventory?

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Yes it does my friend.

how do you set it up for ox_inventory? when i go to spawn items, i get infinite loading. and images dont show.

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Hi @Ryan_Hutton :blush:
There was a slight problem with the script working with ox_inventory. I’m making an only ox_inventory support version, it’s dropping this next couple days, and you can update it.

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