Special Server Restarter - Storm Effect - Live Countdown Timer - Supports txAdmin

Special Server Restarter - Live Countdown Timer - Supports txAdmin

The Special Server Restarter is a Standalone FiveM Scripts, that makes your server’s restart more advanced and exciting with showing a countdown timer once the txAdmin Scheduled Restart starts, with a special storm starts in the last minute of the restart, with an earthquake effect and a special sound effect, caused by the thunder strikes that makes the players in an alert state.
You can alse start a manual restart and cancel it by command, and the script automatically kick all the players and restart your server.


  • Countdown timer once the Auto-restart or the manual restart starts
  • Special Storm effect with earthquake and thunder strikes sound effect
  • Auto-kick players and stop & start the server (easy manual restart)

Config File:

Config = {}

------------------------ txAdmin Scheduled Restart -----------------------

Config.ScheduledRestartTimer = 30 -- In minutes - Min 1 / Max 30

--------------------------- Last Seconds Storm ---------------------------

Config.EnableStorm = true -- Either enable or disable the Weather change and the thunder strike
Config.StormDuration = 60 -- In seconds, The Storm starts in the last 60 seconds of server restart timer

Config.EnableFallAndFleeNPCs = true -- Either enable or disable the falling and fleeing effect of your server's NPCs

------------------------- Thunder Effect & Sound -------------------------

Config.EnableThunder = true -- Either enable or disable the tunder strikes and earthquakes
Config.ThunderInterval = 10 -- In seconds, Thunder strike each 10 seconds in default
Config.EnableThunderSound = true -- Either enable or disable tunder sound effects
Config.ThunderSoundVolume = 80 -- Thunder Sound Volume, from 0 to 100

-- Note: The Storm must enabled for The Thunder effect & sound to work

------------------------ Timer UI Screen Position ------------------------

Config.TimerScreenPos = "centerright" --  Timer Screen Positions: "topcenter" | "topleft" | "topright" | "bottomcenter" | "bottomleft" | "bottomright" | "centercenter" | "centerleft" | "centerright"

------------------------- Storm Weather Funtions -------------------------

Config.StormWeather = function() -- Triggered function to change the weather when the storm hits
	-- Server side "thunder storm weather" event or export or function, QBCore and Execute Command example
	-- Pre-configured Examples:
	-- ExecuteCommand('weather thunder') -- Server side execute command example (works with vSync)
	-- exports['qb-weathersync']:setWeather('thunder') -- QBCore weathersync script export example

Config.ClearWeather = function() -- Triggered function to reset the weather to default status
	-- Server side "clear weather" event or export or function or command, QBCore and Execute Command example
	-- Pre-configured Examples:
	-- ExecuteCommand('weather clear') -- Server side execute command example (works with vSync)
	-- exports['qb-weathersync']:setWeather('clear') -- QBCore weathersync script export example

------------------------------ Translations ------------------------------

Config.Translations = {
	['auto_restart'] = 'Auto-Restart',
	['auto_restart_canceled'] = 'Auto-Restart Cenceled',
	['server_restart'] = 'Server Restart',
	['server_restart_canceled'] = 'Server Restart Cenceled',
	['kick_message'] = 'Server Restart 😊',

Server Commands File:

-- Default script command to start and cancel manual server restart
-- You can change them to your framework permission level to use this two commands

RegisterCommand('startrestart', function(source, args)
	local Timer = tonumber(args[1]) -- countdown timer in minutes
	if (Timer ~= nil) and (Timer > 0) then
		StartServerRestart(Timer) -- function to start a manual server restart
end, true)

RegisterCommand('cancelrestart', function(source, args)
	CancelServerRestart() -- function to cancel the manual server restart
end, true)

Preview: Youtube Link
Buy Here : Tebex Link ($9.99 + Tax)

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Code is accessible Config & Server Commands files
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +200
Requirements txAdmin
Support Yes

Looks great, but I would not pay more than 5eur for that.

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I really respect your opinion :blush:

When you do it for 5€ let me know pls

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I don’t think I’d ever put it for 5€

unfortunately some people are jumping from post to post, posting whatever
that’s why I dare @Pace_Roberts to show us a free script like mine :wink:

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GitHub - ActuallyStrez/qb-tsunami: QBCore Emergency Alerts Email :upside_down_face:


I think you didn’t read the description of the script and what it does, let me explain it to you and tell you the deference between my script and the script you just posted :smile:.
the script you just posted is a tsunami alert that sends an alert email to players and changes the weather, and it’s way deferent than my script.
my script is a live countdown timer starts when the scheduled txAdmin restart starts, and you can also start a manual restart. and when the timer reaches to 0 in the manual restart, the script kicks all the players and then stops your server, in that case the txAdmin will start the server all over again, and here we did a server restart within ingame and without the txAdmin menu. and the script has a special feature, in the last minute of the time the script trigger an event, export or function to your weather script (you can configure in the config file) to change the weather, and then the script every 10 seconds will make an earthquake like effect with a special effects and a custom thunder strike sound effect makes your players feels that a storm is coming.
I hope you understand the deference :blush:

So this does the exact same thing as the free tx restarter and the scrip pace posted. making the ground shake is not worth 10 bucks bro. Make something not done yet stop releasing free shit

I advise to take a minute and read the description and you’ll know that’s not the same thing

Countdown Timer = Txadmin does that (free)
Server restarter = Txadmin(free)
Storm effects = qb-tsunami (free) the only difference is in yours the screen shakes. dont bullshit a bullshitter

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There is no difference between your script accept the countdown timer. (Actually Strez script has been around for more than a year). Actually Strez just updated the scripts so you wont see the previous version that he had. I have read the description an look the same!
I would at least give him credit!
Whatever pays the bills!

If you really wanna get into it i can see 4 other scripts that you have created that are just “features” in an admin menu

@Blaze614 @Pace_Roberts thank you both for your opinions.
I don’t think you’re both trying to make a normal comment on a script, you’re just trying to frustrate someone else’s work. and the last comment of @Blaze614 is an example of that.
Thank you guys anyways.

Your taking someone else’s work and putting into a script you renamed and are charging people for it. Five m is full you copy paste developers we do not need anymore. Go away

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well done. but there are much better ones for less money. unfortunately, you have to realise that and should adjust the price.


Hi @therealnoskill :blush:
I appreciate your point of view, and I’ll consider it.
Thank you.

Just flag the release for review if you have an issue and Cfx Mods will look into it. I would suggest when flagging that you add the original work that you claim is being copied.

I wouldnt buy this for what its for. TxAdmin has there own in-game Restart Announcements…

You could use there Restart Announcement and have the qb-tsunami in-game and you’d have something like this for free. The only thing thats practically made on this release is just the UI Countdown…

And its Below Par when you include Special in the title.

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You might like one of my scripts (20% off discount)