The Gallow - Hang Player - Execution Base - Fivem QBCore, ESX and Standalone

The Gallow - Execution Base - Fivem QBCore, ESX and Standalone Script

The Gallow is a Fivem QBCore, ESX and Standalone script that improve your server Roleplay Experience with a Realistic RP Death and Execution Scenes with a 3D Execution Base that you can spawn anywhere and when ever you want as a Police job, or any other job you want in your server


  • You can spawn and use many gallows in the same time in different places and each gallow works independently
  • You can use and remove any networked gallow in the server, even it’s not yours
  • Only autorized jobs with certain grades can manage the gallows

Config File:

Config = {}

Config.Framework = "qbcore" -- Set you framework "qbcore" or "esx"
Config.QBCoreName = "qb-core" -- You QBCore script name must be correct to work (only if you use QBCore Framework)
Config.IsESXLegacy = false -- Set it true is you're using esx legacy (only if you use ESX Framework)

Config.GallowMenuCommand = "opengallowmenu" -- Command to open The Gallow Menu

Config.AllowedJobs = { ['police'] = 2, ['sheriff'] = 2 } -- Set your allowed jobs and grades that can spawn/remove and use The Gallow 

------------------------------------------------- Translation ----------------------------------------------------

Config.Translation = {
	['no_one_nearby']			= 'No one nearby',
	['no_gallow_nearby']		= 'No gallow nearby',
	['nearby_gallow_busy']		= 'Nearby gallow is busy',
	['action_cant_be_done']		= 'This action cannot be done',
	['object_cant_be_deleted']	= 'This object cannot be deleted',
	['cancel']					= 'Cancel',
	['spawn_gallow']			= 'Spawn Gallow',
	['rotate_gallow']			= 'Rotate Gallow',
	['delete_gallow']			= 'Delete Gallow',
	['invalid_permission']		= 'Invalid permission',

Preview: Youtube Link
Buy Here : Tebex Link ($11.99 + Tax)

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Code is accessible 70% open source. functions.lua and Gallow 3D Model are not accessible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 750
Requirements QBCore or ESX
Support Yes

interesting idea!


nice work i love it<3

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Thank you for your sweet review :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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this mod crazy​:rofl::rofl:

Does this work on actual players or just NPCs?

Hi @vegas91 The Gallow works only on players, it doesn’t work on NPCs

In the video the victims looked like NPCs thats why I asked.

Haha it’s not, I’m already making a new video with more specific details :blush:

make an electric chair script or a gas chamber script u could make a whole death penalty script with all three in them i just aint really too fond of hanging people, but this is a fire script doe.

I’m already working on torture other players script with multiple controllable and cinematic scenes.
I’m still in the early development of the project.


:fire: :fire: :fire: will be waiting


agreed haha they couldn’t care less about their customers.


Nice work!

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Is it possible to Place the Prop also with Codewalker and its working also ?

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Hi @SAVRPde :blush:
Unfortunately you can’t place the gallow object with codewalker because first it’s escrow protected, and second the object must be spawned as networked object from one client, and the codewalker places the object in each client individually.

Very interesting script! Keep up the great work. I’d love this

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I really appreciate you sweet review :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Nice script bro xd, good idea

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love your review :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin: :sweat_smile: