A good collection of 'fun' resources?


I feel like I’m in a certain minority group of FiveM players who don’t really play for the roleplay servers but more for messing around in. I’ve set up a private server for me and my friends and got a few character models and cars converted from normal GTA V mods into streamable FiveM plugins.

All in all I’m basically wondering if anyone has a ‘pack’ or collection of resources that are less on the RP side, such as the classic Kermit the Frog and Sonic the Hedgehog peds.

I’m loving FiveM so far, I’ve even made a crazy and wacky mod that I’m using on my private server (just waiting to be able to release it), and would love to add some more meme-ery on.

Good point. I do wonder if there’s an easier way to dig up random stuff, even on usual GTA V asset sites, between all the ‘real car real interior’ that’s spread around.

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I don’t have a pack, but I do have my memory and a search bar:



That should keep you busy for a while.

I don’t endorse any of these scripts. Anyone with edit access and more scripts to add, feel free to do so.


Nice, thanks! Your memory and search skills are much better than mine :smile:

That zombie gamemode seems interesting, pair it with a good map and I bet it’d be a blast.