[WIP] CorruptSnail - A new zombie gamemode [v1.2.1]

A continuation of my old zombie gamemode, RottenV. Since this is in a playable state right now, I decided to release it here. Note that this is still a early WIP.


  • A complete rewrite!

  • Zombtastic Spawning System™ (Nothing should spawn in front of players anymore)

  • Zombies with different attributes

  • Spawning Vehicles

  • Spawning Obstacles (sometimes floating lol)

  • Safezone where zombies won’t spawn and players can prepare themselves

  • Hostile Rebels

  • Planes and military helis flying around, the later one helping the players sometimes

  • A fuel system (no refueling though)

  • Time Syncing

Future Plans:

  • Spawning Weapons (Code is there, just some kinks I have to fix out)

  • Non-floating spawning Obstacles

  • More rebel / military groups

How To Install:

You need to install Universal Menu first!
Afterwards, simply drop this into the resources folder and add it to your server.cfg.

Stable(ish) releases can be found here.

Source code can be found here.

Can I test this somewhere first?

A Testing Server running this gamemode is always available.


hello brother, welcome back to the living (dead?), kinda dissapointed that it’s cee though :frowning:



I thought about making it in Lua first, but I figured C# would make some thingies easier so I just sticked with that. Also I just prefer it for gamemodes.

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Yay! I remember playing the old game mode with you on your server. Its nice to see it rewritten and continued.

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v1.1 fixes the flashing fuel indicator and ups the chances for something cool to happen a bit.

Running on my ESX server to give my members a weekend off. Thanks for this.

Will you be adding like a config or something so we can choose which peds can be zombies or do some of the basic stuff like maxZombies and the spawn radius?

These are already consts you can easily edit if you are able to modify the source code.

But yeah, I probably could add a config of some sort later on.

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Thanks I am about to test this in my test server see how well it works. It looks like there is a network handler for the zombies though, that looks interesting

How do I switch the game mode?

it’s pretty good but needs still a lot of work :smiley: keep it up bro.

Simply start it as a normal resource, as said in the OP.

The server is currently under maintence while I’m waiting for a tester to test a new syncing method out. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Server is back online along with a new release!

v1.2 uses Entity Decors for the Spawn and Syncing System which should hopefully make things much more stable.

If you still encounter any Syncing issues, please let me know!

Can I get you to help me 1 on 1 because it doesnt seem to be working correctly? My discord: Nick Robin#4736

Nice <3 Thanks for release

I can not get it started

Can you extend on that? What have you tried? Did you put the resource into your resources folder and added the corresponding entry to your server.cfg?

Yes, I put all the file in a folder named CorruptSnail, in resource folder and I added the corresponding entry to the server.cfg

Hi there Scammer,

I installed the resource on a Vanilla brand new install. I spawn and the F6 menu shows up but I can’t actually spawn weapons or vehicles. I rotated through all weapons hitting enter and did the same in the vehicle category as well, nothing spawns but I don’t get any errors either.

I’ve played on your test server and of course they work great. Could you tell me what I’ve done incorrectly?

Thanks for your time!