[OUTDATED][Gamemode] RottenV | Zombie Gamemode [Alpha v3.0]

This is still very basic and under heavy developement. Dont expect this to be bug-free and full of features yet. I just posted this in case you want to try it out on a private server.

This gamemode features, as said in the title, zombies. They’ll spawn randomly around you, hungry for brains. How long can you survive?

Current features:

  • Random zombie spawning system

  • Zombies may spawn with pistols or other weapons. (These are droppable once the zombie is killed)

  • No Radar and a replacement HP indicator

  • All lights around the map are disabled

  • Etc…

I’m constantly working on adding more features. This is only the beginning.

Latest Version
Older versions:

Just put this in the resources folder, add it to your AutoStartResources and you’re ready to go. Also I recommend you to disable scripthook mods in the server config for a full zombie survival feeling!

You can try this gamemode out on this server:
It’ll also have features before they are being made public.

Also make sure to join the discord to always stay updated or to give some suggestions: https://discord.gg/RHNBEjY

Have fun! :wink:

Thanks to:
@nobody - For his no random peds or vehicles script.
@Boss - For his weather freeze script.
The 5R discord - For helping me with some natives.


This is awesome dude! keep it up.

Is there a way to add it so that there are different/random guns on the zombies apart from just the 3 as default? I know how to change the weapons but is there no way to randomize it a bit more?

Not yet. I’ll keep an eye on it for the future though.

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Could you make a race gamemode? that would be awesome!

I saw someone was already working on that in the discord. Otherwise I would have made that instead of this gamemode :smiley:

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Alpha v1.1 (11/01/2017)

  • You can now set the weapons zombies can spawn with (apart from the knife)
  • Weather is now frozen (configurable)
  • Slightly readjusted random weapon spawn chance from 1/100 to 1/150

Nice gamemode, im having one problem though; my game crashes when I loose health. I made sure to disable godmode in all trainers maybe something is conflicting?

Either something is conflicting or your game is corrupt. Getting damaged by zombies shouldn’t crash your game at all. Does it like show something when it crashes?

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It doesn’t show anything, I will try again soon without using any plugins.

this would be better if you could make the zombies walk drunk and not spawn with weapons, maybe even a hunger, thirst system etc.

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You should be able to make the zombies not spawn with any weapons except the knife since the last update.

Also like I said these things will all be comming later.

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Alpha v2.0 (13/01/2017)


  • Random car spawning (although only 1 model for now)
  • Frozen time (configurable)
  • Forced first person (configurable)
  • Flashlight in inventory when spawning (configurable)


  • It’s now configurable if the Radar is hidden
  • Spawning system shouldn’t spawn stuff near players anymore
  • Zombies are now 100% more zombie!

As always, tell me if you find a nasty bug. Also stay tuned for more stuff comming soon. :slight_smile:


this is sick. thanks for continuing to develop this resource! my favorite games of all times are dayz and gta so this is perfect!

I tried this and I love the concept, I could see myself playing when I’m in the mood to see how long I can survive but… it looses it’s fun rather quickly when we don’t have any weapons and it’s a one hit kill on us.

Maybe add head shots only on zombies, if possible or just more zombies and we can have melee and pistols, with low ammo."

Another suggestion would be to CHANGE the spawn points! When forced to walk it’s pretty annoying spawning so far out in a field or on a mountain. I’d suggest we spawn inside of random houses - and add some girl peds for us to be too.

I’m not sure what is and isn’t possible for you to create in this server but I’m just giving feedback.

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Can you either remove Forced First Person or fix it cause i set it to false and it still forces First Person.

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It should be fixed with the next update. In the meantime comment out the SetFollowPedCamViewMode(4) line in the environment.lua by putting a -- in front of it.

One of the zombies shot me twice with a rocket launcher, lol. Umm? Was that suppose to happen?

The RPG was one of the default weapons in the previous update. In the new update (which will come soon) I’ve removed it. You can easily remove it from the list of spawnable weapons though in the script.

…remove through the script.

As in? I’m playing on your server. But thanks for continuously updating RottenV. And zombies with rockets… lmao. I was so confused and scared!

Oh yeah, on my server they should not spawn with RPGs anymore. The released version still contains them though, but it has the option to choose which weapons they can spawn with. I thought you were talking about the released version.