Using the Steam API key manually on the server

Using the Steam API key manually on the server

Server owners

Latest update 1618 Or version after
Go to and in Domain name you put what you want then copy the key and then go to your server.cfg and put this:

# Steam Web API key, if you want to use Steam authentication (
# -> replace "" with the key
set steam_webApiKey "KEYS"

Replace KEYS with your keys
Well leave the " before and after the key

At the end restart your server is everything should work

Windows :

Linux :

For Zap Hosting you have to wait for it to update itself


what do we use for the domain ?


I already setup the key but it still not connecting and this message is still showing.
Thanks in advance

What you want

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Yes sir I already set up the key but still not connecting


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how come its not working on my server I did the server update and put in the key and still the same

do i need to put this key somewhere else? my players are invisible

Where can I find the 1618 FXServer update please?

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linux …?

Do you help me with my error?
I have windows server, my key is OK but i have this error…
Screenshot_1 fsdfsd

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This has nothing to do with Steam API stuff and has everything to do with this vRP resource. TriggerRemoteEvent is not a built-in routine (nor was it ever!) so this has to be defined by said resource.

unsuccessfully, im invisible in aeroport…

yasss, thats work for me, thx

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how do i fix this?

try taking the quotation marks out

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Thank!Successful problem solving


So not to ask a dumb question but is this gonna be a have to do thing or is there gonna be an actual fix? Jw before I do all this work lol