[Release] [ESX & Non-ESX] LegacyFuel system

Let me introduce to you a custom fuel script which I made a few weeks ago. It has a few different features listed down below. I got a few ideas from the fueling system seen on nopixel as I think that one is really good. The reason I made this was because I couldn’t find any other fuel script like this. And because of that I bet there is a few others that will also make use of this. Let me know if there are any features you would like me to add!

V 1.3
-Fixed a bug which made cars go down to 0%

V 1.2
-Added the option to choose when the engine failure begins

V 1.1
-Added the option to enable blips

  • Fueling only possible outside of your vehicle
  • Blacklisted vehicles
  • Gas pumps are found by getting closest objects of type (all gas stations on the map are available)
  • A kmh/mph/fuel hud (based on the one seen on nopixel)
  • Fuel consumption based on RPM
  • Gas cans can be used to fuel vehicles
  • Server sync
  • Low CPU usage
  • Option to enable blips
  • Randomized fuel percentages on NPC vehicles

HUD Close Up
Next to gas pump
No money (ESX Only)
While fueling



hmm, i need to see some screenshots before i put this in my server.

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Currently not home, as soon as I’m at my pc again I’ll get those added!

For what it’s worth, it wouldn’t be hard to load into a dev server and test it out instead of waiting lol


Exactly, people is always saying “screenshots”, if they have some sort of testing / development server, they can install the script there, and take a screenshot. Instead of wait a hour.


thx for the release very nice work and it works perfect

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looks nice. would like to see if gas stations can be added to map

Would like some screenshots. Especially the HUD. Otherwise, well done! :slight_smile:

Appreaciate it! Let me know if you find any issues with it! :wink:

Will update it soon with blips/map icons!

Will get it done ASAP!

i doidnt find any problem for now and i like it more without blips on map :slight_smile:

Updated the github with the ability to enable & disable blips through the new config.lua file. By default they don’t display. Also added screenshots as promised! :sunglasses:

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i love the concept a lot and will be using it… i hope to see an option in the future to have a fuel HUD more like frfuels… or like sexyspeedometer with the needle and gas light comes on when out…

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i found a problem im currently using esx_eden_garage and when i park my car and take it 2 times the gas lvl is going empty and i cant move the car :smiley:

im a having a problem where if i slam into a car the fuel goes away and resets. Must think im entering another vehicle.

also when i get down to 10 fuel the vehicle shuts off anyway you can fix that to like 0 fuel or 1 fuel

Maybe add

  • Electric Vehicle / So you can charge your Battery
  • Support Helicopter/Boat Fuel Stations
  • Add the ability to buy Jerrycan
  • Low fuel alert when in flying vehicle and you have low fuel

How can you charge for fuel in Vrp?

Will add an option to choose when it begins to stop working!