[Release] esx_doorlock

Door Lock is an improved resource of the orginial dRdoors developed by @Darklandz, that makes doors lockable and only let people with the correct job toggle the door state. The configuration file is very easy to understand and you can with ease add more doors.

Download & Installation


  • Fancy configuration file, adding new doors is really easy
    • you can specify the max distance for unlocking the door, and more
    • it’s very easily to add authorized jobs to doors!
    • supports multi-doors
    • reset door yaw when locked
  • Optimized script (FPS light, too)

Default door list

  • Mission Row
    • Main entrance
    • Locker room door
    • Doors to rooftop
    • Bosses’ office
    • Hallway to downstairs (to cells)
    • All cells / doors nearby
    • Backside gate / door from backside
  • Sandy Shores
    • Main entrance
  • Paleto Bay
    • Main entrance
  • Bolingbroke Penitentiary (the prison)
    • The main airlocks



esx_doorlock - lockable doors for ESX

Copyright © 2015-2018 ElPumpo / Hawaii_Beach

This program Is free software: you can redistribute it And/Or modify it under the terms Of the GNU General Public License As published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 Of the License, Or (at your option) any later version.

This program Is distributed In the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty Of MERCHANTABILITY Or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License For more details.

You should have received a copy Of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If Not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.


What happens if you happen to lock the door not entirely closed? What state is the door to other players? I had problems with that with dRdoors. The door was entirely closed for some and entirely open for others.

whats really changed instead of adding other points? this floating text annoying you gotta do something with it

Bronson: Networking issues should have be fixed some time ago, itworks just fine for me.

Cormac: this version is simply better optimized, it’s all in the git commit if you’re hardcore. What about the floating text?

”Copyright © 2015-2018 ElPumpo / Hawaii_Beach”
I mean, really? This doesn’t seem legal to me, it would be like me claiming copyright on my heavily modified ESX framework. Unless given permission from the orginal creator ofc.


Frankly original developer never licensed the script, and this isn’t properly done either as there must be legal information in every .lua file (Which makes it legal).
I have a lot of experience when it comes to sharing stuff, and many are really shady. If you’re not happy with me licensing to GPLv3 you can stop using my work.
Behavin apparently licensed his script under GPLv3, which tops it off by forcing me to use GPLv3

This script is freaking nice bro.I needed it,thanks for sharing!Nice work!

Please make so the doors can open only if you explode them with sticky bombs please good for the rp thx nice script!!

But wait, by “default” everything someone makes is automatically copyrighted the second his/hers work is finished. If nothing else is specified that would mean this work was copyrighted by default. I am not using your work btw, I have my own even more heavily modified version of this script. Stop assuming everyone uses “your” scripts just because they are posting in a thread made by you. You live in Sweden which means the following applies to you. Probably is the same in most countries.


> 26 h § Återgivning av ett datorprograms kod eller översättning av kodens form är tillåten om åtgärderna krävs för att få den information som är nödvändig för att uppnå samverkansförmåga mellan programmet och ett annat program. Detta gäller dock endast under förutsättning att följande villkor är uppfyllda:
> 1. åtgärderna utförs av en person som har rätt att använda programmet eller för hans räkning av en person som har fått rätt att utföra åtgärderna,
> 2. den information som är nödvändig för att uppnå samverkansförmåga har inte tidigare varit lätt åtkomlig för de i 1 angivna personerna och
> 3. åtgärderna är begränsade till de delar av originalprogrammet som är nödvändiga för att uppnå den avsedda samverkansförmågan.
> Första stycket innebär inte att informationen får
> 1. användas för andra ändamål än att uppnå den avsedda samverkansförmågan,
> 2. överlämnas till andra personer, utom när detta är nödvändigt för att uppnå den avsedda samverkansförmågan,
> 3. användas för utveckling, tillverkning eller marknadsföring av ett datorprogram som i förhållande till det skyddade programmet har en väsentligen likartad uttrycksform eller
> 4. användas för andra åtgärder som utgör intrång i upphovsrätten.

When someone logout close the doors and log in back the plugin is not workin for him and he can open all doors.

Have tried to make this work so that both the police and the ambulance. What should I do in the code for it to work for both of these jobs?

Damnit I forgot to fix it, fixing today.

That’s easy to implement. Just search after IsCop and change the statement to include or

That’s the way I had done but all the jobs could open the doors but found a place where I had missed adding and now it works. Thanks for the help

Getting a resource time warning on this.

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I trying to click e with police job and i can’t open. How to configurate this plugin so that the police can open doors?

How do I add a key for the doors?

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This is awesome thank you

Sadly getting time warnings on slow computers is nothing I can do about unless major refactoring happen & I come up with improved code. That’s why I tend to extend the wait time for all the scripts I’m maintaining, but it can cause stuff to blink since x should run every frame, but on a fast computer doesn’t have to.

I recently started joining random RP servers, and noticed that (almost) every server I joined had major performance issues (fps), gotta be those never ending loops with basicly no wait time, running every damn frame.

Everyone asking for implemeneting keys: no. it’s way too fucking easy to change from checking the player job to checking if the player has a key on him. Sure thing it could be a nice addition but currently I have other things on my mind, so either implement it yourself or stop thinking that people will take all your feedback.

All good. I don’t get them at all but yes the lower end computers and slower internet provider people are seeing it. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the only one experiencing it