[Release] Body Damages [PAID][STANDALONE]


This script shows the player the damage he has suffered, what was the type of damage, if he was injured, shot, cuts and punches.

Quite useful in Roleplay Servers, it is good for developing a medical RP, it indicates where and what the injuries were and the cause of death.

Type of injuries


  • Indicates various injuries (Bruises, Shots, Cuts and Punches).
  • Indicates cause of death.
  • Graphical interface
  • The graphical interface information resets as soon as the player’s maximum life is restored.
  • You can check your injuries, and that of the player next to you, using the command /health e /diagnosis
  • To close the graphical interface, just type the command again or press ESC or BACKSPACE.

Examples the various injuries.


Resmon : In the tests, the MS was 0.02ms, sometimes it oscillated up to 0.03ms MAX .


How to configure

  • Just put it in your resources folder, add it to your server.cfg (start mx_bodydamages) and start the server
  • In the client / configurate.lua file, you can translate any text that the graphical interface has in any way you want.
  • In the same file, you can change the scale, position and commands of the graphical interface, and adjust it as you wish.

Update 1.0

Those who have already purchased can download directly from the download link

  • Fixed an error with the interface scale.
  • Fixed an error with the detection of damage to the player’s body, some strange things were happening, now it should work as it should.
  • Improved script MS, now stands at 0.01ms most of the time.
  • Added in configurate.lua the option to open the graphical interface automatically when dying. Disabled by default.
  • Added in configurate.lua the option to open the graphical interface pro killer, for example, you killed a player, show on your screen, the injuries you caused to the other player. Disabled by default. (Using on zombie server).

Attention: Remember to configure the maximum life of the player in the file configurate.lua, by default comes 200 life.

Update 1.1

Those who have already purchased can download directly from the download link

  • Correction of download directories

Update 1.2

Those who have already purchased can download directly from the download link

Changed: The interface information will only be reset when the player regains his whole life, that is, when he reaches MAX_HEALTH
Added: Button to close the graphical interface, just press the right mouse button. You can disable this option in configurate.lua (Default: Disabled)

Extra information

  • For VRP/VRPEX users it is necessary to make a small change to survival.lua (vrp/client/survival.lua) locate “NetworkResurrectLocalPlayer” and
    Change “Citizen.Wait (1)” to “Citizen.Wait (500)”. This change is necessary due to the speed of execution, it will cause conflict when detecting death.
    Attention when making this change, depending on your version, it may harm something else, attention.

  • At PlumeESX it works normally so far.

Thanks for the feedback.


  • None.

This script has no IP protection or encryption.

Buy and download here: https://mxlol-shop.tebex.io/package/4398590

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Very interesting! Great release!

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Thank you, very much!

is it possible to check that on nearby players? It would be great for medics doing an assessment of a patient to be able to do “/health ID” to see that result from a person they are trying to assess.

EDIT!! NVM I’m dense and missed the part where you said you can check the player next to you. I apologize!

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No problem, it happens. :smile:

Yes, it’s great for medics. (RP servers).

Very interesting! Great release!


Hi M8,

How can I contact you as the cause of death does not work for me. Could you please help me with the same.

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Send me a message in my private or an email with a description of the problem, which I will help to solve it.

Getting shots registerd as punches :c

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I sent a message in your private, and tell me what happened so I can help.

Update 1.0 applied. Thank you very much for the feedback.

Great script deserve the price, looking forward for the future releases :grin:

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Thank you very much! :heart:

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Fixed, thanks for the support awesome script

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You’re welcome :heart:. Any problem, let us know.

Update 1.1 applied.

Update 1.2 applied!!!

Those who have already purchased can download directly from the download link

This is NOT working on VRP 0.5 - I just tested it… - You’re ReadME, should be much more transparent as well, you put 2 folders in the “mx_bodydamage” folder… Which one should i open? The “build” or “src vuejs”

It doesnt show me, that my friend is dead at all, no errors in the console or F8.

In the post it says STANDALONE, it was not made exclusively for a framework, friend, calm down.

In Update 1.2 I put some information about what happens in certain frameworks and the possible solution.

Inside the ‘build’ folder there is the ‘mx_bodydamages’ folder, just copy it and put it in your resources folder and start in ‘server.cfg’

Everyone who had a problem when executing the script, I helped and it was solved.

Send me a message privately, letting me know what problem you’re having with VRP 0.5

Is there a general discord support for this paid script, and does this work with esx_ambulancejob and is there any guidance with using the two together?

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