Photographer - Randomly Generated Locations | Photos NPC [ESX/QBCore/Custom][PAID]



This is a photography script, specifically for landscapes and natural locations on the map. It also allows you to request a photo from any NPC (PED).

The script currently has two functionalities. The first is the generation of a location to take a photo. This could be a beautiful landscape or bad places without landscape.

It works like missions. It will generate an NPC in a random place. You just have to go to the NPC and he will give you two options of places to take a photo.

Each photo is unique. The locations are generated within a specific radius of various coordinates, making each photo different. Obviously, repetition can occur, as nothing is random.

The other functionality is the possibility of taking a photo of any NPC. If the photo is good, the NPC will pay you for it.

Missions - PHOTOGRAPHER [Randomly generated locations]

Take photos of NPC’s (ped)


  • Reputation system based on photo quality.
  • Very random mission system for photographs.
  • Comparison of the photo with the requested location verifies the similarity between them.
  • Photo quality (similarity) impacts the reputation and money earned by the work.
  • The number of photos taken influences the payment that the NPC will offer.
  • The number of canceled jobs influences the payment that the NPC will offer.
  • Payment is according to similarity, the higher the better.
  • Main menu contains all the necessary information.
  • Search and locate the NPC to start the mission, with marking on the map.
  • Quest NPCs, most of the time, will appear in different locations.
  • Current mission with all information, send the photo and cancel the mission.
  • Photo gallery.
  • Completed missions (Saved in the database).
  • Dialogue interface with the NPC.
  • Various texts to give dynamism to the NPC’s speeches, you can add more if you want.
  • If you try to take a photo with the NPC, he can accept or refuse and will always refuse.
  • Each NPC only accepts taking one photo, if you try again, you will have a different dialogue refusing.
  • If the NPC accepts the photo and you take a random photo, he will not pay you.
  • Camera display with flash and audio when taking the photo.
  • Automatically generate photo locations.
  • These places can have an incredible landscape, or be a really bad place.
  • When accepting the mission, the location will appear on the map, just go there and take the photo.
  • Super configurable script.
  • Easy translation of everything in ‘config.lua’.
  • You need to have a WEBHOOK to send the images, you can use discord, for example. However, as everyone knows, discord links are not permanent, it is your choice.
  • ESX, QBCore, QBX, Standalone, CUSTOM.


NPC Dialogues


Main menu


Looking for, and located




Missions completed




Generate photo location


Ped location and photo location


Take photo and send


Cancel mission already accepted


Display camera


He refused the photo and I continue to insist


Didn’t take the photo right



  • Just put the script on the server and start


  • It is created automatically, no need to worry
  • The database is necessary to save completed missions

You can buy this script here: Tebex

The script is not encrypted or blocked by IP.

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +2200~ (Lua+VueJS)
Requirements oxmysql or mysql-async
Support Yes
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