[Release] Mx Crafting [PAID][ESX]



This is a crafting script, ie an interactive script for the player to craft their items, if they are available.

Video: Example crafting


  • To open crafting, just go to the defined location and press E
  • Define which items can be crafted by players.
  • Create and determine the item recipe that can be crafted by players
  • Set the amount of drops to drop recipe items to craft an item
  • Define how many items will be needed to craft an item
  • Define the crafting locations and which items can be crafted from that location
  • Define whether a crafting location can be accessed by any player, or whether only some players with a specific permission can access that crafting
  • Set the crafting time for each item, whether it will take X seconds to craft or whether it will be instantaneous.
  • Define the cost (money) of crafting that item, that is, if it will be with money, bank or black money, to leave it without cost, just leave the cost 0.

Nui has notification, if:

  • The player has no money.

  • There is no weight or limit to get the item

  • Or for some apparent reason, the player magically no longer has the recipe item

Permission to access crafting

  • Some crafting locations may be restricted, that is, only players with permission (job name) will be able to access that location

Items that can only be made at a crafting site

  • Some items can be restricted and crafted only in one location, so if the player tries to place any item from the recipe in another craft, he will not be able to craft it, nor will the recipe appear.


  • In Config.lua, you can translate any text that the GUI has any way you want.
  • In Moonset you can change the scale, position, opacity and you can adjust it as you wish.
  • To create the crafting locations is very simple, just go to Config.lua and define in crafting_blips.
  • To create craftable items is very simple, just go to Config.lua and define in Items.
  • To create recipes for craftable items is very simple, just go to Config.lua and define in Recipe_Items.
  • In Config.lua, I left examples of locations, items and recipes for you to see and create yours.

All tests were done on PlumeESX by tabarra, technically how previous versions of esx should work, otherwise you can contact me.


  • None

This script has no IP protection or encryption.

Buy and download here: https://mxlol-shop.tebex.io/package/4514406

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looks really cool, kinda what I’ve been looking for… Is there a way you can have it so some stuff can be crafted anywhere and some stuff only at the designated spot?

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Yes it is possible, you can define if such location can craft ‘Item 1’, ‘Item 2’ and ‘Item 3’, and in another location, craft ‘Item 4’, ‘Item 5’ and ‘Item 6’.

It’s very simple to make this configuration.

I’m asking if its able to be made a command which would make anyone able to craft anywhere, not just specific points on the map?

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Ah yes :smile:, with some adjustments very quickly, yes, it can be done and I can help you to make this adjustment. :wink:

you make other custom scripts? vrpex?

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I will soon release a version of this script for VRP/VRPEX Basic. :smiley:

Good script)

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Thank you very much :heart:

With this adjustment, is it still possible to lock certain items to locations, but some simpler items can be done anywhere? ex. Cigarettes can be made with rolling papers and tobacco can be made anywhere, but I have to go to a specific area to craft a weapon using X parts.

Is this possibly a big enough thing to just update the script to add useAnywhere = true/false straight to the config, defaulting every item to false?

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Yes, technically it’s possible yes, I’m already working to add this to the script.
In the current version it is already possible to do this, however, you always need to go somewhere, there is no access from anywhere function (for example command chat: /craft name)

looks cool , nice work

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