[QB] Advanced Trucker | Lambra


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  • Advanced Level system with EXP, set as many levels you wish;
  • Upgrades with different boosts;
  • Requirements for upgrades;
  • You can set as many routes you wish for each trucker level;
  • Highly configurable routes;
  • Routes are picked according to the trucker level;
  • Configurable trailer model and rewards (money, exp) for each route;
  • Warehouse stage with forklift that can be enabled for each route;
  • Set as many warehouse locations you want with configurable amount of crates and model;
  • You can set on route settings to which warehouse they should go;
  • Warehouse with busy system while a trucker is loading cargo;
  • Realistic delivery procress:
    Trailer detachment,
    Trailer parked correctly,
    Can be forced to park backwards
  • Realistic ped dialog with details of delivery;
  • Player will receive that specific route rewards (Money and EXP + Boosts from the upgrades if applicable)
  • Events are safely created to prevent cheaters;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Highly optimized;

Config Preview:

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Code accessible Customization files
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes
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ESX please and ability to do deliveries with your personal truck <3 and thank you!


soon :wink:


You can only load crates into the truck or there are other types of cargo?

You can choose whatever you load into the truck

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New Update
Fixed: Forklift not spawning after waiting for a busy warehouse

Nice Script Love it

New Update
Added: Now you can set properties on truck spawn to your likings

New Update
Added: Separated config option to set the truck return coords

is it possible to add the option to use player owned trucks?

Currently not, maybe in a future update

Do you think you could make the levels change the truck you get access too? So higher levels better trucks? Script is awesome btw love the loading part

Hey, ill note that suggestion :slight_smile:

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the loads for me is what fails, if the truck door opens, and puts the loads it would be more real

Very good script with many options in config.lua and a creator who listens and help ^^, thank you