[PAID][Standalone] Surfing and Water Activities with UI - SUMMER Special

Bring your server to life in Summer, force players to have fun on the beach.

  • -With a nice UI you get access to several paid activities:

  • -1. banana boat, 2. jet ski, 3. surf and 4. boat.

  • -100% responsive for all resolutions.

  • -Optimized, clean and easy to configure code.

  • -You can edit the aesthetics as you want.

  • -Easily translatable.

This script brings with it two voluntary dependencies, as the dependencies are the vehicles/activities to be rented to the player. Actually you can set the vehicles/activities you want, easily editable in the CONFIG.

⚠ Warning: This script uses NPCs and NPCs can sometimes, rarely, go a bit crazy and act a bit weird, but that's part of the charm of GTA V, isn't it? 😉

:movie_camera:Youtube showcase

:shopping_cart: Buy via Tebex

More scripts with UI👇

:fire: Sell Drugs To NPC
:fire: Job Center
:fire: Farmer Job

Code is accessible No (except config and design)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000 aprox
Requirements none
Support Yes

Beautiful interface! Clean, functional and very summery!

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thx hehe❤

Very nice

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Thx :smile::heart:

what you mean with they get crazy?, isnt in god and freeze mode?

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It was just a little joke. An NPC brings you the surfboard, jet ski or whatever… driving it through the water to your position. Like any AI script, there’s a very small chance that he’ll run over someone along the way, or just go a bit too far. But that’s 5% of the time, but we just wanted to joke about a GTA cliché. @jaystar84


oh got it, cool script

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Every delivered boat is the banana boat, even without downloading the boat itself.


U might need to change the type of vehicles in the config i assume

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The banana boat is included in the script, just delete the “stream” folder inside the script.:smile:

Nice design and great script! The clear example that there are still many new ideas that can be embodied in Fivem! Not everything has been invented!

Keep making such nice scripts!


The issue is that whatever is in the “vehicle1” position on the config, is the ONLY thing that is brought to you, no matter what option you select in the UI for a rental is. If you change the first vehicle spawn, then whatever you change it to, thats the only thing that spawns on script restart. Deleting of the stream file is not the solution.

Additionally, for those that use more modernized scripts for vehicle keys, there is no place to change the event so every time you rent, you have to lockpick.

This is a great concept of a script, just needs a couple kinks ironed out.

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The vehicle1 problem has been solved. Download the new version. (SERVER.lua)

The key issue will be fixed soon.

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This has been fixed, you just have to download the new version.

paturo naman pano maka conect dito sa gta 5

NEW UPDATE 20/07 :sunglasses::ocean:

:ocean: A blip has been implemented to mark the rental area.

:ocean: Added a range of distance in which you can be with your rented vehicle, you can modify it in the config.

:ocean: Fixed several bugs that caused some people to get the same vehicle.

:ocean: Removed the stream files of the “banana boat” that was inside the script (if you want to add it download it, you have the link in the readme).

:ocean: Implemented the possibility to give you XP for the Battle Pass bitc0de script.