[Paid Release] Chezza's Inventory [ESX]


Chezza’s Inventory (V4)

Inventory system for ESX, comes with glovebox and trunk system built in, with the option for saving them to a database. You can also easily create other/secondary inventories by using the premade functions/events in the script. All frontend code code is included, so you can change the inventory design to your liking. :slight_smile:



  • Dynamic - refreshes for all users in the current inventory.
  • Multiple Inventories - Comes with glovebox and trunk inventories built in, you can also create other/secondary inventories with ease.
  • Item Descriptions - Apply item descriptions, to explain what the item/weapon does.
  • Player Inventories - System in place to look into a other player’s inventory, for example an officer could like into a player’s inventory to search for illegals.
  • Use, Drop & Give - Works natively from the ESX framework.
  • Splitting - You can split your items between inventories.
  • Right Click - Transfers all of the item’s content upon right clicking.
  • Configurable - You can easily toggle inventory features on & off.
  • Sound Effects - On drop and item open, sound effects will be played (these can be toggled off).
  • Money - Manage your money through the inventory.
  • Hotbar - Bind items & weapons to your hotbar for quick use.
  • Notifications - Built in notification system.
  • Shops - Buy & sell items from the shops.
  • Crafting - Craft Items. (NEW)
  • Storages - Create job storages. (NEW)


  • ESX Framework (version 1.2/Legacy)
  • All of the requirements for ESX (mysql-async/oxmysql).

Where to purchase

This script is using the Escrow system.


This works for the Weight system then ?

Graphically this looks really clean, any plans for crafting or additional features? Like a hotbar that a few other inventories have gone for

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Yep, and thanks by the way :slight_smile: .

I am open to suggestions, and I was thinking about integrating a hotbar into the inventory sometime in the near future.

Can you add a video?

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Sure, one is currently being made :slight_smile:

I didnt get a download link

Video added.

Nice :slight_smile:

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Highly recommend this, the dev has stated he plans to add more to this. Very clean and works fast and well.

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Does this work with es_extended 1.1, The limit system ?


Yes, it will work on that version.

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You can also give item to other player? It’s very cool but I don’t understand this and how you can use the item

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Does it work with v1.final? with weight system?

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I also did not see the button to use, and move to another player, that confuses me a lot.

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Yes, you can use items, in the video and the image that item was not registered as usable, therefore the item does not have a usable option. The script does work on v1.final with a weight system :slight_smile:

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And you can give item to other players?

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No that is currently not in the script however you can drop items, to give someone an item you can go in their inventory if you have permission.

What about shops? will it work with certain shops or gas stations?


Currently this is not in the script, but if enough people want it, I will add it. :slight_smile:


Would it be possible to add a give feature aswell? Definitely love this one, but for us the give feature is essential

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