[Paid][QBCore/ESX] Storage Warehouses - Create Storage Warehouses Anywhere!

Power Warehouses

This script is written to work with QBCore and Zap Hosting ESX Pack

This script will add the ability for players to rent and manage their very own storage warehouse.

Features of Storage Warehouses:

  • Unlimited Warehouse Locations - Configurable to use front door or the shutter door.
  • Object Interior System - Warehouses are created automatically using objects
  • Upgradable Storage (Separate Containers)
  • Storable Cash (editable within config)
  • Cash Objects depending on amount stored for added immersion.
  • Ability to Give and Manage Keys allowing other players to enter the warehouse.
  • Ability for Police to Raid Warehouses (Jobs editable within config)
  • Warehouse Management UI to manage rent and warehouse level

Performance: 0.00-0.01ms while not in use | 0.05-0.08ms while in storage unit.

This is compatible with the following inventory systems:

The inventory code can be edited to use any inventory system

I would be happy to add support for other inventory systems, just leave a reply with the inventory name and a link to the resource or documentation.

This resource has support for QB-Target and QTarget.


29/05/2022 Added config option to have blips show only for unowned warehouses and also an option to have a blip show for each unit the player owns.

26/03/2022 - Added Support for Zap Hosting’s ESX Pack and ox_inventory

23/03/2022 - Updated Stored Cash to show as html display to save on MS and also accommodate qb-target support, I have also added blips to units. that can be changed in config.

Escrow Protected
Price: £14.00 (£16.80 with tax)
Purchase Link
(This resource uses fivem’s asset escrow service)
Server Code Editable / Partial Client Code Editable

Unescrowed Version
Price: £34.00 (£40.00 with tax)
Purchase Link

Video Previews
Renting / Managing / Upgrading
Store / Take Cash
Police Raid Option

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this looks pretty cool, I would be all over this if it used qb-target.

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I will look at adding qb-target support tomorrow :slight_smile:


it was good to be open source because i have a custom framework

to expensive to be honest

How locked it is? I need to change basic framework calls and sql calls because i use a older version of oxmysql and such.

I’m guessing i wont be able to use this ?

at the moment the resource is currently encrypted with the fivem asset escrow system only having html and configuration editable however I am working on an update that will allow the editing of server and client calls that use a framework.


  • Added support for qb-target which replaces all prompts. (@Kerizi)
  • Added editable client and server files, all server side code is editable and partial client code can be edited to allow it to work with any framework or inventory.

This update will allow you to change any of the server side code so you would now be able to do this. @Swompen

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It works well with Target, nice job.

However the target is encrypted and can’t be translated it seems?

Edit: I think i have found an issue as well, via target the cop can’t raid it it seems?
Also, sometimes when i rent a warehouse i cant enter, it takes a while before i can enter, i have to leave the area for a bit and then come back.

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I will look at this now

Update: Added Lang config for QB-Target options and fixed the bug with being able to raid/ not being able to enter when you rent.

hey, i’m stuck after using the laptop. (only mouse) any way to fix this?

have you renamed the resource at all? renaming the resource will cause issues with the javascript on the ui.

thx i have created a space somewhere :slight_smile:

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Would I be able to link this to a job that I create? For example, Warehouse Management and then the people in that job would be able to mark them for sale and the money would go to the Society account?

Esx version planned?

@iamsickflowz The server side code is editable which means that you could edit the code to stop people from buying a unit unless a condition is met, you can also edit where the money goes for the purchase so you could setup an event to add the money to a society account.

@LostBanditos I haven’t looked into an esx version yet however I will add it to my list, however the server code along with the inventory access event is unencrypted and editable meaning you could adapt the script to your esx framework / inventory.

Thanks for the translations, however now i have a new issue,
I cant get the target to work on a bought warehouse, nothing comes up after bought.d

That’s weird, I would suggest redownloading the resource as I did do some backend changes last night, if you are still having issues, let me know and I will have a little look when I finish work.