[Paid][QBCore/ESX] Storage Warehouses v2 - Create Warehouses Anywhere!

Power Warehouse v2

This script is written to work with QBCore and Zap Hosting ESX Pack

This script requires ox_lib

Empower your players with the option to own or rent their very own warehouse, offering boundless storage capacity. With three customizable levels—small, medium, and large your players can effortlessly store many items, expanding their experience like never before.

Key Features:

  • Limitless Warehousing: Ability to create unlimited warehouses
  • In-game Warehouse Creation: Initiate warehouse construction effortlessly with the /createwarehouse command.
  • Flexible Pricing and Levels: Set rental rates and default levels upon warehouse creation, offering players flexibility.
  • Rentable or Purchasable Options: Cater to diverse player preferences by offering both rental and purchase choices.
  • Upgradable Storage Boxes: Each level features separate containers with individual inventories, ensuring efficient organization.
  • Storable Cash: Cash storage is editable within the configuration settings. The visual representation of cash objects varies depending on the stored amount, enhancing immersion.
  • Key Management: Players can easily manage access keys for their warehouses.
  • Police Raids: Give your Police the ability to raid warehouses.
  • Warehouse Management UI: A user-friendly interface enables seamless management of rent and warehouse levels, enhancing player convenience.

With these exciting features, elevate your gaming experience and provide your players with unparalleled storage solutions within your server.

Performance: 0.00ms while not in use | 0.05ms while showing UI Prompt.

This is compatible with the following inventory systems:

The inventory code can be edited to use any inventory system

This script also has support for QB-Target / OX_Target

Escrow Protected
Price: £16.00
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Code is accessible No - Editable Config and Functions Files
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2000+ Lines
Requirements ox_lib
Support Yes

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Ohhh the possibilities with this!! Awesome script and very fair price! Another 1 from power script #djkhaledvoice

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So I have to buy this again? FFS

we bought 30-40$ version v1 and now we have to pay more? This is bad deal

if you own v1 then you automatically receive a 50% off discount when checking out.

if you own the open-source version of v1 then simply send me your tbx-id or open a ticket and you will get escrowed v2 for free until the v2 source is released.

Added New /managewarehouses command, Shows a list of nearby warehouses and allows the management of them:

can you add it to my keymaster? We dont use discord

sure, send me a forum dm with your transaction id from the original purchase and I will get this added for you :slight_smile:

New Update: Added ability to change warehouse name, price and level from within the management menu.

Script Update

  • Updated /managewarehouses Menu
  • Added Ability to Switch to Passcode Entry instead of Keys
  • Added Config to Enable / Disable Passcode