[ESX] MSK Backpack | Chezza Inventory


Multiple Backpack Items

Download: GitHub - Musiker15/msk_backpack: FiveM Script - Multiple Backpack Item

Preview 1: msk_backpack - secondary inventory | by Musiker15
Preview 2: msk_backpack - expand inventory | by Musiker15


  • You can use the bag Item, then you get nobag Item and a Bag will be added to your Ped.
  • If you use nobag Item then then the Bag will be removed from your Ped an you get the bag Item.
  • Open own Bag with Command
  • Steal Bag from closest Player with Command
  • Works with Character Names not FiveM Names


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any way to make it work with linden inventory ?

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Hey I don’t know that inventory, sorry.

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Is it possible to give the bag to another person with the items inside?


preview sir

Very good, Very nice!

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Events / Commands

  • /openbag - Open your own Bag

  • /stealbag - Open the Bag from Player next to you

  • Search Bag - TriggerServerEvent('inventory:updateStealInventoryBag', GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()), GetPlayerServerId(closestPlayer))

Can you show how to import it in Chezza Inventory?


cl_backpack.lua paste in client/plugins
sv_backpack.lua paste in sevrer/plugins

this what name .lua for search sir

i already put cl_backpack and sv_backpack… nothing work

I updated the Plugin for Chezza Inventory and uploaded it to Github :slight_smile:

Chezza Inventory 3 or 4 ???

For both versions.


I added the pluggins and the line in the config but it doesnt bring up a “second page” like the glovebox/trunk. The below photo is after I “opened” the bag

Any ideas?

If Config.BagInventory = true then it won’t open a second inventory. It only expands the inventory space but this feature is experimental and doesn’t work corret with chezza inventory.

Disable this Features and use the Commands :slight_smile:

Im working on a few tweaks to it but very good release!

One major bug I found is that when a player dies with the bag on it doesn’t remove the contents of the bag which can be dangerous if used on an economy based server…

Will update if I find a fix:)

Update v2.0

  • Added that Players can only carry a Weapon if they have a Bag

when I check another player’s bag he asks me to have a bag equipped and won’t let me see his bag. That is, I need to have a bag equipped if I want to search another player’s bag. that would be wrong

other error: when you don’t have the bag and they search you they can see what you have and take it away.

other error: when they are searching your bag and you walk away they can continue searching your bag and rob you

I have posted these errors on github

Thanks for that. I will have a look at this and will update it as soon as possible