[PAID] [ESX/QB] Bit - Battle Pass 3.0 - GrandRP Style


If you have the previous battlepass and want to upgrade, open a ticket via Discord and you will be given a discount coupon

Script to create a battle pass on your server.
Fully configurable.
With this script, you can encourage your players to be more active on your server!
Players with this system will always have the chance to earn new rewards by playing

With this new version you will have:
-A modern design!
-You will be able to create seasons and show how much time is left to finish.
-Create a shortcut to your webshop or discord
-Full responsive design

/bp → to access the battle pass panel
/addcoins ID COINS → add coins to a user by ID
/checkcoins ID → check a user coins by ID
/delcoins ID COINS → remove coins from a user by ID
/addxp ID XP → add experience points to user
/delxp ID XP → delete experience poinst to user
/delVIP ID → delete VIP to user

To add points via to jobs or other scripts, add the following Trigger in the job’s client.lua:

TriggerServerEvent(“battlepass:addXP”,GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()),100) – 100 is the amount of points

“config.lua” file with all the levels, points needed, and the configuration depending on whether an item, a weapon or money is given away, or if it is an item for VIP users.
From the config file you can also configure the price to be paid by the user to access the VIP benefits.

-MysqlAsync, oxmysql or ghmattimysql

With any job or action, you will be able to award experience points that will be translated into level ranks automatically and gifts will be given as the user levels up.
Each buyer must configure the rewards and the levels he/she wants

Support is free via Discord
Any doubt or request for change/adaptation should be directed to me through the discord
Reselling is totally forbidden

Xp points can be awarded for time played on the server.
Compatible with Core_credits
You can buy the first 25 levels (like in fortnite).
Fully customizable through html and css


Fivem [ESX] Battlepass 3.0 - YouTube


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good job pro very nice idea :sparkling_heart:

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I have a good suggestion, you can add a visual level bar from the body, similar to the online mode, you can press z to view the level and experience bar, this is even better!

Hello @netizenswen
Thanks for the suggestion. At first I thought of doing it as you say, but visually it seems to me too seen and unoriginal.
But in the screen of the pass itself appears a circle that is filled as you go up a level:

-If you have activated Core_Credits from config, you can now deliver credits as an item.
-Compatibility with OX_Inventory

Version 3.0 available!