[Paid][ESX] AV Warehouse Robbery

About the Robbery
Search for the Warehouse hidden location, hack the door, kill the guards and steal the crates.
Be rewarded with items, money or weapons.

Video Demo: Youtube Link


  • Warehouse entry location is randomly selected on every server start and after cooldown ends; synched with all players.

  • Discord Logs; you can print the current warehouse coords on server console, Discord or both. You will also receive a notification when a player starts the robbery.

  • Entry Coords and Discord config are server side to prevent leaks.

  • Server events are protected against cheaters, a Discord message will be triggered and player will be kicked from server.

  • If a player connects inside Warehouse and uses the exit, it will be teleported to a pre defined location and not the current warehouse entry.

  • Police can raid the Warehouse but not loot the crates.


Buy Here: Click here (Tebex)

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does this work with one sync infinity

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Yes, I use it on my server +250 players :smiley:

Dope script :slight_smile: Any updates coming? Also how are players supposed to find the warehouse each time the server restarts?