Maploader [standalone][paid]



allows to all interiors and ymaps with Flag 1/3 to be loaded and unloaded anytime during your gameplay, based on the distance between the map and player’s position (unless specified otherwise in configuration file).

Reasons why this:

  • Can load ymaps/interiors locally to selecter players
  • Can load ymaps/interiors for the whole server upon admin request (ACE)
  • When loaded in for the whole server, will stay persistent till the restart or when unloaded by admin again
  • Rockstar editor support (no crashes like with Bob74 IPL resource)
  • Extensive configuration
  • Full The Contract DLC support

This is super useful for highly modified servers, if you want to still be able to use Rockstar editor within FiveM that normally crashes your game, when you’re calling all interiors and ymaps all at once on client start up. More about technicalities of this issue in this article.

Great example of how it works on heavily modified servers on this or this example.

For this to work properly, your IPLs/ymaps have to have Flag value on 1 (alternatively 3)! General rule is that if ymap originally has Flag 0, it can be set to 1. If Flag is 2, it can be set to 3. So they can be loaded and unloaded only when called for by a script such as this one.

How to make this work for community addon ymaps and interiors? This is very easy. Open the ymap in question inside OpenIV (while in editorial mode) and locate the parameter from the very top:

Save it. That’s it. If it’s already in Maploader’s config, you’re good to go!

The Contract DLC native support!

Including temporarily deleting exterior building models when the player is inside.




Convention centre
Paleto Bay villa
Demolition derby
Japanese Roads: US to JPN bridge
Japanese Roads: Wangan
Japanese Roads: Akina
Japanese Roads: Daikoku
Nürburgring Nordschleife Enhancements
Eagle Nest
Casino Rallycross
Daytona inspired freeway
Kagarasan bridge
Kagarasan 2022

Map Subscriptions


Final Teleport


This resource is encrypted by Escrow


If you would want to get everything explained more, I tried my best in the video below

- release

- fixed minimap issue while outside Cayo Perico
- added coloring for debug messages
- fixed window issue for casino penthouse (additional lod ymap added into the config)
- corrected models to be used for culling for the building in Vespucci
- rewritten model culling for The Contract DLC building and logic behind it, 2 new values have to be used in Config for model culling (stock config is changed accordingly):
- InteriorID = “288001”, – In order to find interior ID, set Config.Debug to true
- IsInside = false, – Keep this on FALSE

v1.3 - changed logic which ocean levels are being handled with (Daytona update)
- configuration for Daytona

v1.4 - configuration for Casino Rallycross


This resource is honest work with best intentions, but since FiveM community is such a wide range when it comes to modifications, I simply can’t guarantee that my resource will be the ultimate pill to your problems (read “errors/crashes”). This works perfectly on my own server, tested with many community members already. The general rule of modding is that if the resource works fine on it’s own, something else is the problem. If you’re experiencing problem, feel free to contact me either in FiveM forum or there’s a link to my D server in my profile. But try this resource first on clean server with only few interiors to see, if the issue persists. And then you have your answer.

I also tend to not answer questions that have been already answered in this briefing. Please, save us all time by thinking before asking. Other than that, I’m happy to assist with anything you might need.

Pre-configured for following interiors: (if you have any of those below, CHANGE THEIR FLAGS ACORDINGLY, if you want them to be loaded via maploader the intended way)

All interiors as listed in popular Bob74 IPL loader resource all up to The Contract DLC

Cayoimprovements (extension of Cayo Perico by TayMcKenzieNZ)

  • however, he still improves this project of his and changes things, my config should still work fine, if you have all his additional ymaps with Flag 1

  • Maploader by default supports Cayo Perico update, including calming waves when near island and updated minimap

Vinewood dealership by Patoche

Auto Exotics Remastered by LB Customs (HS Wrap shop)

Prison complex by Sanhje

Taxi HQ by UncleJust

LSFD HQ by Prompt

Vespucci LSPD HQ by Freedmanh

City hall by NVE creators

Burgershot by GN mods

Driving school by VerpiMoDz

Court room by UncleJust

Limey’s by Hane mapping

Bakery by Hane mapping

Weazel news by Pugs

UTool by UncleJust

Mission Row LSPD station by Gabz

Quick config example below

	["sf_fixeroffice_bh1_05"] = {							--	IPL/ymap name
		Position = vector3(-1016.89, -429.52, 65.0),		--	Position of the IPL/ymap 
		DrawDistance = 30,									--	Prefered loading/unloading distance		
		State = false,										--	Always KEEP this and DON'T change this	
															--	All bellow is optional
		DefaultState4all = false,							--	Add this if you want this map loaded in for ALL PLAYERS (and those that are about to join as well) via /loadforall "name" command
		ManualTrigger = false,								--	Add this if you want this map loaded in for ONLY THE PLAYER LOCALLY when specifically requested via client sided trigger "maploader:TriggerSpecialIPL" (used in Final teleport resource for example)
		InteriorName = "sf_dlc_office_sec",					--	Shell name (everything in this config has correct shell names)
		EnableInteriorProp = {								--	Only needed when props are to be called for
			["Entity_Set_Standard_Office"]	{type = 0}, 	-- 	Some props don't require color variations, if that's the case, leave this on 0
			["Entity_Set_Tint_AG"] = {type = 5},				--	And some do. The variety depends on the prop used. Usually starting from 1)
		DisableInteriorProp = {								-- Sometimes disabling props might be needed?
															--	The Contract DLC model culling
		InteriorID 	= "288001",								--	In order to find interior ID, set Config.Debug to true
		IsInside 	= false,								--	Keep this on FALSE
		HideExterior = {									--	Table of nearby models (used for overlapping building exteriors in The Contract interiors) that will be disabled

Add this into server.cfg to make admin commands available (ACE permission)

add_ace group.admin “maploader.all” allow

The complete config, from the base GTA V interiors, as listed in Bob74 IPL loader, all up to The Contract DLC and various custom MLOs is unfortunatelly too long for this post. Can be observed on the Tebex page though.


This is SICK. I PM’d you.

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I’d appreciate it if you would contact me before touching my resources. I don’t appreciate people making money out of free content.

Whether your content modifies my stuff or not, isn’t my main “hostility” point but rather you haven’t really reached out to me about anything.

You have not reached out to myself, UncleJust, @Gabz or anyone who you’ve written about.

Not impressed one bit tbch.

Also you’ve done something to “fix” Cayo Pericos Minimap which also breaks it for other interiors.

@AvaN0x can explain it better.

There is such thing as GitHub, pull requests, DMing people, collaboration, etc etc…

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Is this standalone or qb dependent ? I can see that your script is called qb-maploader in your video and has QB dependency :

Plus you’re using this :

Which prevent the game to load any other interior minimap, I found a workaround for this in one of my topics.

Also you seem to be having issues with loading of your ipls as I can see with your video at the casino :


Also you are not talking about the consumption of the resource ? Can you show screenshot / videos of the resmon values ?

By the way I only want the resource to work well for anyone that will buy it, that’s why I asked these questions. I have nothing against you :slight_smile:


Yes, as you’ll all of the time be considered as inside of the island, you’ll never be able to load any other interior minimap.

A workaround that I found can be found here : [Releases] [Free] Cayo Perico Improvements Freeroam 4.1.9 - #506 by AvaN0x
Detailed version here : [HOW-TO] Load CayoPerico minimap all of the time

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I created support for your resource. I didn’t touch it, neither I’m not re-releasing your work.

There’s an alternative (better, in my opinion) to Your resource and I provided way how to archive it. The way I see it, I do all of you justified advertisement for your work. Majority of those those interiors provided in the config are paid maps. My community paid for all of them. If you decided not to monetize your work, that’s perfectly fine with me. The same way I’m fine with those that do. And again, I’m not providing any files here. Only extended support for my own resource.

Everyone’s situation and reasoning are different. If I did something wrong, flag the post and let me deal with admins, so they can explain what I did wrong here. Since I don’t see it.

I spend unhealthy amount of my free time on working for the community for over a couple of years now. For once, I would like the community to return the favor instead.

Edit.: I’ll check the issue with the minimap.

You’re knowledge and information is behind an en crypted paay w all… I didn’t know about these flags. If that’s one part of fixing stuff then reach out to us and I’ll fix it? :man_shrugging:t2:

Knowledge should be shared and accessible :stuck_out_tongue:

Good point. Originally, I was developing it with QB notifications. Then I stripped it all down and left it standalone. Works fine on clean FiveM server as well on QB core one.

As for the minimap, I guess I forgot to check everything again. I will fix it soon. Thank you.

Consumption of the resource for me was around 0.03ms with 500ms loop. This can be now changed by anyone inside the config.lua, so this will be different for every community. That loop taking care of loading/unloading could be even 1 second or so, the only issue there might be the fact some maps would be loading in too late when teleported in them. I talked more about how you can still do it while using little “help” like


or something similar that does this already like my teleport resource.

P.S. Looks like I should higher up the drawing distance value for the penthouse then. And not be releasing stuff after being up all night.

This is resmon with 500ms loop as in config

Well, you learn new things everyday, don’t you (flags).

Because I don’t need to reach out to you to fix something I overlooked and can fix myself. I’m happy to save everyone’s time. I forgot about it because my server doesn’t allow minimap while on foot. No one’s perfect, I guess.

You’re flattering me! It’s just a bunch of tables in a loop. There’s my secret sauce. No rocket science here.

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I saw you referenced my article saying this is a potential fix for our crashing. That original post was regarding the editor crashing with E.V.E. Do you know if this is fixed? There is a very large market for that mod being fixed. Please let me know!

Yes, poor EVE. No, I did not make that work. It was working with some hefty workaround in the past (that’s how I was able to shoot trailer for the server, I could never pull off anything like that in SP). But just before last Christmas, it went to hell completely and since nothing worked for me.

I wish as well there would be someone able to recreate it (and make it actually work better in many areas). Maploader does not help out in any way to EVE users. It’s only a solution for unoptimized servers that want to play around with R* editor the classic way. I simply record my screen when previewing clips. FPS suffer on my machine, but it’s better than nothing. And CFX did really excellent job in general over the years. I remember when Editor was unusable. It’s just if your basic server developer knew what they’re doing. On the other hand, FiveM environment was my very first coding experience a few years ago. So I try to remind myself time to time not to be so harsh on new comers as I once was around here.

so what exactly does this script do. Does it improve my server performance?

This is completely unrelated to your server performance. It does exactly what’s perfectly described at the beginning of the script’s description.

So, I checked casino penthouse because that invisible interior from outside. This is an issue unrelated to Maploader. The issue with windows from the outside is there no matter if the MLO is loaded in or not. You can see inside when noclipping from eastern side of the penthouse, leaving me with a conclusion it’s the same MLO issue like with Hawick office from The Contract. That one has reversed issue, you have glitches from looking inside out. As described here as well.

Maploader updated:


  • fixed issue with minimap outside of Cayo Perico
  • added coloring for debug messages

Then the issue is still related to your maploader, kinda. You’ll have to unload the ipl only when inside of the penthouse and not close to it, like R* does in GTAO. But anyway, you do what you want. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Well, it is not related to Maploader. The same issue is there regardless of my resource being running in the background or not. You mean to unload what IPL? At least I was talking about penthouse IPL, so you probably mean something else instead? Since “unloading penthouse while inside it” sounds bit contradictory. And as I said above, even when penthouse is unloaded, there’s still a big hole visible from the outside. As it is with penthouse loaded in.

Thank you!

I’m talking about hei_dlc_windows_casino. It has to be loaded when outside of the penthouse, and unloaded inside of it.

Ah, now I see. Thank you. I wonder what resource could do that. I guess Polyzone support will do the job.

You’re welcome, you could use GetInteriorFromEntity - Natives @ Docs too.


  • fixed window issue for casino penthouse (additional lod ymap added into the config)
  • corrected models to be used for culling for the building in Vespucci
  • rewritten model culling for The Contract DLC building and logic behind it, 2 new values have to be used in Config for model culling (config updated accordingly):
    • InteriorID = “288001”, – In order to find interior ID, set Config.Debug to true
    • IsInside = false, – Keep this on FALSE

Thanks for the tip for the native, AvaN0x