[MAP] Karting Track Race

Hi everyone, here is a new free creation in YMAP with some 3D work. I await your feedback in the comments :slightly_smiling_face:


gigz_karting_v1.2.rar (1.9 MB)

  • 3D and textures
  • Collisions worked
  • Car Generation and Scenarios changed (no more car spawn in the parking lot) FIXED

Name : veto2


Cayo Perico Vehicles

/tp -169.35 -2154.67 17.51

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Video by Juuicyy



Always keeps releasing the best of the best!

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Great map!! If you don’t mind, can you post a link to those go karts?

Thank you !
The link is in the description :wink:

Sorry, didn’t see it.

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When I load this resource, I have no traffic spawning anywhere. Sucks because the track is really nice.

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Thank you to you I had not seen on my test. Normally this is fixed, I updated the resource in the main post :slight_smile:

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disregard, update fixed issue

same issue. you can see them spawn in the distance but disappears when they approach. also excessive texture loss across the whole map when this is running. shame cause it is a good track

Strange, the problem of NPCs not spawning from resource.lua and a line occurring in it.
Here is the line that solved the problem after testing:

data_file 'FIVEM_LOVES_YOU_A9E8B9F6EEB35186' 'stream / stadium.ymt'

So you have to make sure that the resource.lua has been replaced.

For the texture issue I don’t understand, the mapping is light, and it has been tested on a Roleplay server, with a hundred players without worries.

The texture issue was also resolved after the resource update

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Fun little track to race around with friends, fantastic stuff.

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thank you!

Soo… this was fun trying to narrow down why my AI were missing in the server haha. Spent hours going through all my scripts - even took my server back to an older version of fiveM thinking that was the issue… As soon as I figured out it was the karting map, I came here… I noticed the above and the fixed resource lua statement, but it still didn’t bring back my ambient AI (the nudist camp people, Grove street gangs, or stab city… and most importantly… my animals were gone). I tried to change the resource lua, in all different elements (Removing the extra lines of code after and before “this is a map”, i even changed the manifest version to try and see if that would work) – I have never seen a ymap, MLO, or replacement effect ambient AI before, so i am not really sure what to do. If you find a fix for this, please let me know, i love the map and would love to use it daily!

@gigzM - Figured it out. I completely removed the stadium.ymt from the stream folder, removed all the mentions in the resource lua - and now the track works + my ambiant AI are all accounted for. So if anyone else gets this issue - thats my advice.

I have the same concerns :confused:
If you remove everything related to the .ymt you will have vehicle spawns at certain times of the day, on the circuit.

After multiple tries I still don’t have a solution:

  • I redo the stadium.ymt with CW
  • Test all the ‘data files’ one by one in relation to the .ymt stream
    Data files
    (some activate the custom stadium.ymt but make the animals disappear, and others the opposite).

It seems that wanting to stream the stadium.ymt custom comes into conflict with the other .ymt already present. I do not understand.

Yea I’m working on it further on my end of things.

My current solution attempt is clearing the car gens from just that location area.
I will advise if it works and send you the file.

Again, this is a really awesome map so 10/10 still - but will be great to see it working without also effecting AI.

*** edit ***
Well I failed lol. I tried every possible way of removing the car gens in codewalker and openIV. I even tried renaming the cargens in the ymap file to a blank spawncode - still didnt work. Guess for now, atleast on my server we will just clear the area before any races and such. Please let me know if you or others find a solution to have both the track clear and ambient AI still existing! I keep trying over the next couple days.

Hello I have a solution thanks to my partner @evydemment, we replace the .YMT by a small script which prevents the spawn of vehicles in the area of the circuit. Problem solved totally on my side. :slight_smile:

gigz_karting_v1.2.rar (1.9 MB)

If you are interested, check out his recent post!

[Release][Standalone] Ammunation Shooting Range

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just tested it, works great!

Thank you for staying diligent on this and releasing an update!!!

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Thank you also to you for your feedback! :slightly_smiling_face: