[Release][Standalone] Ammunation Shooting Range

Hi everyone !:partying_face:
I’m Evy, a FiveM Developper actually working for the FiveM french server “Les Exilés”.

This is my first release here, I hope you will enjoy it.
If feedbacks are great, I will continue to publish free content and most likely standalone ! :pray:

GTA V FiveM - Ammunation shooting range - YouTube.


  • With basic ped reaction, everyone around the ammunation will be afraid since you’re shooting so I added you a little script that will prevent from being attaked by random PNJ or hearing people screaming around. (evy_safepnj)

  • The shooting Range works only in this Ammunation

Coordinates : x=819.83, y=-2157.267, z=29.619



  • Try differents weapons on a static target
  • You can change usable weapon in the ‘client/main.lua’ everything is explained.
  • Or practice your aim with 4 level (easy, medium, hard, impossible)
  • The weapon for the test is by default the combat pistol


  1. Change directory to resources/
  2. Clone the Git repository: [GitHub - justevy/shootingrange: Shooting Range script for Fivem] or Download at evy_shootingrange.rar (21.2 KB)
  3. Add this to your server.cfg “start evy_shootingrange”
    5.Optional : Add this to your server.cfg “start evy_safepnj”

[Additional Information]

/!\ The dialogue script is not linked here since it’s another entire ressource. This is an original content for the server “Les Exilés”, it wont be ever published do not ask it /!\

Evy. :rocket:


Removed discord link, this is not allowed as of releases rules. Please also add some screenshots for the releases gallery.

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Love you for making this free… thank you hihiiii

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I can’t find the evy_safepnj resource, do you think you can share it?

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Hi @Jm_Garcia !
You can found it in the zip file or on my Git page !

How I begin the process once I’m at the shooting range?

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Just press E close to the guy like on the video and choose what you want to do :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t realize it was included, thanks for the resource

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No problem !

thais doesn’t work for me

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You have to go in the Ammunation I screened on the map !

I put the coordinates you had in the screen and this is where it brought me. but I’ll keep looking …

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I have the same problem does not appear in the place of the coordinates

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Coordinates are : x=819.83, y=-2157.267, z=29.619

This is the ammunation :

at the highest level you stay bug

Very nice Script. Easy to change things like Weapon Test
But i have one thing. The Test with different weapons my in 2.0? :smiley:

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Actually, I will release a 2nd version with an entire ammunation script

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Could you make this give weapon license if they hit a certain score or something?

Shooting practice doesn’t work, and no error appear
I only translate the notify and some titles

I fix it

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